If you are wanting to add entertainment that will impress everyone at your event then hiring a close up magician will be perfect for you.

You can use close up magic in a number of different ways.
​As your guests arrive you can have Slightly Unusual on hand to meet and greet them. They can mix and mingle amongst your guests during the drinks reception. You can have Slightly Unusual entertaining your guests at their table during dinner.​
Slightly Unusual have represented England three times in the European Close Up Magic Championships. Over the last few years they have won numerous high profile magic championships in the field of close up magic. In fact in 2009 they were invited to lecture at the World Famous Magic Circle Headquarters in London. The Magic Circle were so impressed they awarded them Associate Membership of The Inner Magic Circle. Slightly Unusual are considered among the best close up magicians in the World. In fact they have written and released over 30 DVD’s and books teaching magicians how to perform.
Imagine the look on your guests faces as Slightly Unusual bend borrowed coins and cutlery, make borrowed objects float into the air, make full sided bottles of champagne appear and more. Imagine that you were asked to think of the first person you kissed and then instantly you are told that person’s name. When you book Slightly Unusual your guests will come up and congratulate you on a fantastic event... even if you don’t want them to!
Check out a full unedited performance of close up wedding magic!