How Does Mix and Mingle Magic Work?

Mix and mingle magic is known by a couple of different names. It can also be called strolling magic or even walk around magic.  The basic idea is that you have a performer on hand who will mingle in among the guests at the event perform close up magic. However because there are no tables the magic completely happens in the hands of the spectators.

Typically the magician will approach a group, spend a few minutes with them then move onto another group and another. This type of magic works really well as a conversation starter or an ice breaker. Normally whilst performing to one group another group will be watching.  The magician will usually invite them to join in and come closer. This means when the magician leaves the two groups are now joined and have something to talk about.

Mix and mingle magic is great for so many different functions.  Champagne receptions, gala dinners, balls, product launches, trade shows even fetes and fun days.  Basically any function where there are a group of people standing around together.

Slightly Unusual specialise in mix and mingle magic. We can supply any number of magicians depending on the size of your event and the amounts of guests or delegates you have. We have won numerous awards in the field of close up magic including having represented England in the European National Championships.

If you think you need mix and mingle magic at your event give us a call - you won't regret it.

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