How Many Close Up Magicians Should You Hire For Your Event?


So you have an amazing event and you have decided to have close up magic. The question is how many close up magicians should you book?

The simple answer is it depends on the amount of guests at your event. As a general rule we typically advise that you have one magician for every hundred guests or delegates.  Therefore if you have 500 guests it is best to have 5 magicians.

However you also want to factor in how long you have booked the close up magician to perform. Most clients book to have us for 2 hours - this is generally the norm.  However if you were to book for 5 hours for example you might want less magicians as we would have more time to mingle around the guests.

We find that a common mistake a lot of clients make is that they do not book enough magicians for the event - especially larger events. For example we performed in December 2012 at a product launch for a very large corporation. They had 1000 delegates in attendance and booked 2 magicians. There was not a chance we could get round everyone in the 2 hours they gave us to perform. Although the people that saw us were impressed there were hundreds of people that didn't get a chance.

Finally budget is also a factor. Obviously not many people have an unlimited budget. Luckily Slightly Unusual's prices are very competitive. We also give discounts when you book multiple performers. The more entertainment you have the cheaper it becomes.

The best solution however is to give us a call. We can give you a no obligation consultation and advise you on exactly what you would need. We are after all experts in the entertainment industry.

Thanks for reading.