-Suitable for any audience size.
  -Slightly Unusual’s MEGA SHOW will guarantee that guests will come up to you and congratulate you on a great event - even if you don’t want them to!
  -The show features non stop epic grand illusions. 
  -Watch as a girl is flattened like a pancake in front of your very eyes, marvel as two people change places in less than a second.
Many of Slightly Unusual's illusions have been custom designed for their shows. This means they cannot be seen anywhere else but in one of their Mega Shows.
Slightly Unusual's Mega Show features unique presentations that are bizarre, strange, hilarious and unlike anything you have seen before.

Sometimes clients haven't got the space or the budget for Slightly Unusual's Mega Show. It is for this reason that they have developed a show that has the same feel as their Mega Show but without the Grand Illusions. Instead Slightly Unusual use custom designed smaller illusions which will fit into most performance spaces.
This show features Slightly Unusual's signature routine 'Heads Off' in which a girl's head is removed with no cover whatsoever.

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