Illusion Show

Our Mega Show is the perfect package to create a great event that all of your guests will congratulate you for, even if you don't want them to! In this amazing experience you will get to see non-stop grand illusions that are out of this world. Imagine watching a young assistant flatterned like a pancake in front of your very eyes! Or prepare to be blown away as two people change places in less than a second. This mind-blowing package is suitable for any audience size. 

Smaller Illusion Show

If you have concerns about not having the space or the budget for Slightly Unusual's Mega Show, don't worry because we have the next best thing. Our custom designed Smaller Show has the same feel as our Mega Show without the Grand Illusions. This package will fit into most performance spaces and even features our signature routine 'Heads Off' where you get to see a girl's head being removed with no cover whatsoever.

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