"Three-handed magic, illusion and comedy patter act, Slightly Unusual, came next. Here we have a quirky and witty act, which is impressive, fresh and original. Television would surely love this 21st century take on the art of the illusionist. Here we have a male illusionist who is like Derren Brown on speed, while his sage and acerbic partner makes an admirable foil. Completing the line-up is the obligatory female assistant, but this performer is no superfluous prancer. Instead she seems all too aware of how goonish and plain daft her male colleagues appear on stage. In short, Slightly Unusual is the most original and ground-breaking new speciality act I have seen in many years."


"Two chatty young magicians and an angry female prancer/stooge character appear next and wake up the tired late night audience. The three-handed company belongs to an act called Slightly Unusual. This is refreshing Penn and Teller style comedy magic and the quirky and off the wall approach really is as entertaining as it is refreshing. A slightly edgier and more acerbic line in patter may help to sell the quirkiness of the approach, but Slightly Unusual have the potential to prove the magic/speciality find of the decade."
"Slightly Unusual is a brilliant and exciting comical illusion act, The show comprises laughter, magic, gags, slight of hand tricks and major illusions to produce an hour of fun. The guys are fantastic, enthusiastic and very talented. The speed at which they execute the illusions just adds to the wow factor, and makes the impossible happen in front of your very eyes."
In the Champion of Champions close-up competition comprising winners from six Midlands societies, first prize went to Craig Petty from Birmingham who in a brilliant performance gave us the revelation of a signed coin in a nest of small wallets, the manipulation of the appearing and disappearing pen in the style of Rick Merrill, the signed card under the card box and an hilarious prediction using a spectator, coloured pens and a picture.
Alan Titchmarsh
"Totally Amazing!"
Ken Dodd
"Very Very Funny!"
Sir Terry Pratchett
"You are real magic!"
Willie Thorn
"Best I've seen."
James Franco
Debbie Jones
"Just the best."
Steven Gaetgen
"I'd buy a ticket to your show."