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What is the best time to have a stage show at your wedding

The other day I wrote a post about the best time to have a close up magician at a wedding. However we generally get booked to perform our stage show way more than close up magic. With this is mind I thought it would be useful to talk about the best time have a stage show at a wedding.

The short answer to this question is whenever you want to! However most of our clients that book a stage show schedule it in the evening as they want as many of their guests to watch it (it does bring the WOW Factor after all!). By having it during the evening all your guests will all get a chance to experience the performance.

I recommend having the show timed so that it opens the evening reception. In other words all the evening guests have arrived and then we start the show. We can organise everyone ensuring they sit down and then perform to everyone.

Afterwards we can compere on the wedding singer or the wedding DJ who can carry on throughout the night. This is a great way to start the evening reception with a bang. It also means if you want us to make the bride or groom appear on stage this is done at the start of the show. Basically the first thing the wedding guests will see is the bride and groom appearing in front of everyone - immediate WOW Factor!

The other option is during the lull in between the Wedding Breakfast and the evening reception. Traditionally during this period nothing much happens and guests tend not to know what to do. It's a great time to schedule the show and gives all your daytime guests something special to watch before the arrival of the evening guests.

Have a look at the showreel below which showcases exactly how a stage show could work at a wedding. Thanks for reading

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