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Magicians for hire - Why?

The big question I get asked is “why should I hire a magician for my event?”. There are so many different options why should a magician be the most important thing to consider if you want your event to be a success? Below are some of the reasons why I think hiring a magician is a must

1.) Consider the entertainment as a whole. In 2016 Bridal magazine did a survey of 2015 brides. It turns out 78% of Brides looking back at their wedding wished that they had spent more money on entertainment. The reason is that when the wedding is over nobody is going to remember the colour of the chair covers or the range of sweets on the sweet cart.

What they will remember are the memories that are created throughout the day and into the evening and the entertainment is a big part to play to make sure that happens. It’s not just weddings but ANY EVENT benefits when there is a strong focus on the entertainment

2.) If you accept point number one (entertainment is important) then this point is obvious. Basically the more unique the entertainment the better. Most event planners and clients want their event to stand out for all the right reasons. Most events have a band, a DJ perhaps even a singer. However if you want your event to truly be memorable you need the entertainment to be as unique as possible.

Magic is unique. Even these days with magic being very popular the majority of events that take place on a daily basis do not have a magician. Whether you book a close up magician mingling around your guests or a large scale grand illusion show most of the guests at the event will not have seen magic live before.

Here is a video of us performing live on stage. Watch how interactive the performance is. There is virtually nothing that can compare when it's comes to getting the audience involved

3.) Magic really creates the WOW Factor. When people first arrive at an event you want to WOW them. You want them to realise that the event they are at is going to be something special. Therefore you need to hit them within the first few seconds of arriving. By having close up magic you can create that WOW factor as soon as someone walks through the door.

Likewise there is nothing more memorable than closing your event with an illusion act. Having large scale grand illusions take place inches away from your guests really gives the WOW Factor. It is something that your guests will be talking about for a long time to come.

4.) Magic can raise the excitement level in any room. Have you ever been to an event where the atmosphere is just dead? Everybody is sitting in their own little groups and nobody is really talking. Hiring a magician makes sure that NEVER happens.

Firstly magic is the perfect conversation starter and ice breaker. Watching a magician perform encourages people to talk and discuss what they have just seen. It;s also a great way to bring groups of people together again helping the conversation grow. Secondly you will find that throughout the time that a magician is at an event there will be laughter and cheers and lots of applause. This creates anticipation among everyone else at the event as they wait for the magician to visit them.

Here is a video of us performing live at a wedding. Watch the reactions of the guests at the wedding - it's the perfect example of how magic can work so well

5.) Magic works in practically any venue. If you hire a band you need to make sure that you have the space for them to set up. With magicians there are so many options that no matter what type of venue you have booked it’s not an issue.

If you are very limited on space like a house party you can have a close up magician mingling around people. If space is not an issue or you have a stage then you can book a large scale illusion show. If space is limited but you still want a stage show you can book a cabaret show or a parlour show. This is basically a stage show but requires very little space to set up. As you can see no matter what there are options.

As an example here is a video of me performing in a back garden at a house party. Space was very limited but because the client booked close up magic there was no issue

6.) Magic helps keep the momentum going at any event. Some events can really drag and get boring. For example at weddings there is a period of time known as the ‘lull’ where nothing really happens until the evening guests arrive. Likewise at awards dinners there can be long periods of time in-between awards where nothing is happening.

In this sort of situation having a close up magician keeps the energy up in the room. During these periods where there is nothing going on a magician can mingle around performing close up for everyone at the event. It’s a great way of keeping the momentum going.

7.) Make sure that you get the photos that you want. Most events have a photographer who will be there to document the event. Their job is to wonder around and take pictures of all the guests having fun and enjoying themselves. The problem is if you shove a camera in someone’s face more often than not they will freeze. This makes it difficult for a photographer to get fun, lively and natural shots.

Photographers love magicians. They tend to follow the magician around and just take pictures of people reacting to the magic. You see when your guests see magic performed to a high level they won’t be able to help themselves. They will clap, cheer, laugh and look like they are having fun. These are the perfect reactions to capture and keep forever. If you want better pictures of your event the best option is to hire a magician.

Here is an extreme example of a photo taken showing a lady reacting to the magic being performed!

There are thousands of other reasons why you should hire a magician for your event. However these seven points are some of my favourite.

If you would like to talk about why you should hire a magician for your next event contact me or visit my website at www.slightlyunusual.co.uk

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