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Five best tricks a Wedding Magician can perform at your wedding

Anyone who has followed me for any length of time on LinkedIn knows that myself and my team perform at a lot of weddings. In fact at the moment we are performing at over 250 weddings a year. As such I wrote a lot of posts on LinkedIn about weddings and wedding entertainment. However I realised I have talked about the tricks themselves.

At weddings there are certain tricks that work better than other tricks. As a general rule the effects that a magician performs should be interactive, funny and have a strong magical moment. Here are (in my opinion) the best five tricks that you can perform at a wedding. Next to each trick I have put a video of the trick being performed so you can see what happens

NUMBER 5 - The Card Under The Box

This trick can run ass long or as short as the magician needs. The basic concept is that a card vanishes and appears under the card box on the table. What makes this trick so strong is that it happens again and again and again. Each time its more impossible as the audience is watching the box and yet it still happens.

This trick uses misdirection, in other words the art of making someone look somewhere else while the magic happens. It is great because it’s fun and involves a lot of audience members making it perfect for both the wedding breakfast and mix and mingle during the photos

NUMBER 4 - The Chop Cup

This trick was popularised by the late, great Paul Daniels. The idea is that a ball vanishes and appears under a cup over and over again. These days magicians use objects other than balls such as money, dice and playing cards.

In this video I perform the trick with a dice cup and a dice. The thing to watch for is the kicker finish. Every time the audience thinks the trick is over something else more impossible happens. As the trick requires a table it is the perfect trick to perform during a wedding breakfast

NUMBER 3 - The Coins Across

When you are performing mix and mingle magic there are no tables to perform on. This means that everything has to take place in the spectators hands. The coins across is perfect for this situation. Basically coins vanish from the magicians hands and appear in the hands of the spectator.

The following video was shot outside. As you can see the trick can involve a lot of people and because there are so many magical moments it’s a fun routine to perform which everyone enjoys.

NUMBER 2 - The Suit Jacket Escape

There are lots of types of magic that you can perform at weddings. Up until now I have only highlighted close up magic which is magic that is performed close up in the hands of the spectators. However myself and my team frequently get booked to perform Stage Magic at weddings as well. Many brides and grooms will book us to perform a 30 to 45 minute show to kick off the evening reception.

When you are performing magic on stage at a wedding the key thing is that the routine should be very funny. People are weddings are expecting to have a good time and therefore they want to watch something that will make them laugh. The Suit Jacket Escape involves comedy and a lot of audience interaction. Although it is not the most magical routine in the world it is very funny which is perfect for weddings.

NUMBER 1 - Anniversary Coins

The whole point of a wedding is that you have two people that love each other and have come together to be joined together forever. This trick is perfect for a wedding because you are taking two borrowed coins, having them marked by two people and fusing them together into one. It is the perfect metaphor for a wedding and makes a great souvenir which the bride and groom can keep forever.

This video of the routine was shot at a wedding but not on the bride and groom (they were busy). It does however show how perfect this trick is for a bride and a groom.

So there you have it. Five routines that are absolutely perfect for weddings. if you are getting married and would like to find out more about how myself and my team can make your wedding magical please contact me or visit my website

Thanks for reading

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