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Come See Slightly Unusual’s Live Show! | The Greatest Corporate Entertainment 2023

We’re super excited to be returning with our annual show at The Rugeley Rose Theatre tomorrow! If you have never seen Slightly Unusual at an event before, now is the perfect opportunity to do so! We have several of the best close up magicians attending, including grand scale illusions and even our very own celebrity closing the show. An evening with Slightly Unusual is truly an experience like no other.

Come See Slightly Unusual’s Live Show! | The Greatest Corporate Entertainment 2023

This is a brilliant show we have been performing yearly for a long time! All the proceeds go towards Birmingham Children’s Hospital. The NHS have been amazing to us over the past few years. The show is hosted by none other than Craig Petty himself. It’s a family entertainment show featuring some of the greatest performers across the country. Everyone has come together to put on this great spectacle!

What’s Featured?

As we mentioned before, we have some of the best close up magicians attending. Close up magic is the perfect way to include everyone in the experience. During the intermission, our close up magicians mix & mingle with everyone and get them to partake in the fun. Their minds are blown as the magicians perform miracles out of this world. From making coins vanish to reading someone’s mind, it goes without saying the experience will be one of delight.

We also have grand scale illusions! There’s something incredible about getting to see miracles right before your eyes. Throughout this show, we will perform epic grand illusions that we have custom designed. As well as the spectacle of seeing large illusions close up, the show is hilarious and throughout it members of the audience will be brought on stage to help with the routines.

Closing the show is none other than Ryland Petty himself. You may remember him as The Kid Magician who made it through to the semi-finals on Britain’s Got Talent in 2022. He is the youngest professional magician in the world. He started performing magic at the age of two and could make a coin disappear before he could even speak properly. His first show was at the age of four and by that age he was in love with magic and loved performing for an audience!

Where Can I Get Tickets?

Tickets are becoming very limited, but there’s still a chance if you’re quick enough! Click the picture below to visit Eventbrite and secure your tickets there! Thank you for taking the time to read our blog. We would love to see you all there! Remember - all the proceeds will be going towards Birmingham Children’s Hospital. Have a fantastic day and prepare to see something incredible come tomorrow!


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