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The Importance Of Booking Entertainment For Your Wedding Early | Wedding Magicians 2022

As we continue moving forward in 2022, our central office team is speaking to more clients than ever before in regards to their wedding magicians. Their big day is getting closer and they're looking for magicians to provide entertainment for their special day. Why wait to book? All you need to do is contact Slightly Unusual and we will assist you with all your entertainment aspects.

The Importance Of Booking Entertainment For Your Wedding Early | Wedding Magicians 2022

Slightly Unusual are classed as one of the finest Comedy Illusion Acts in the world. We perform all across the UK, ranging from corporate events, weddings, private parties and much more. We specialise in close up magic, huge illusion shows, cabaret and non-stop interaction where we mingle between your guests, leaving their minds completely blown.

Secure Your Wedding Magicians Now

Leaving your planning till the last minute is never a wise decision. There's so much planning to do during the early stages of your wedding. If you and your partner are contemplating on entertainment for your wedding, secure it right away. We speak to hundreds of clients every single month who are desperate to secure our services. A lot of them have been let down at the last minute by another entertainment company and are quickly trying to book us in short notice. We do our best to help everyone, but it isn't always possible.

A lot of clients book us months in advance, sometimes years because they don't want to miss out on having our services. The entertainment industry has become busier than ever before after lockdown restrictions concluded. We're speaking to so many clients to secure entertainment within the upcoming months. It's insane. Booking your wedding entertainment early is one of the greatest decisions you can make.

Booking early ensures you have secured the best entertainment available for your wedding, completely removing layers of stress from everything else you are trying to organise. Not only will you experience no hassle, you have guaranteed your guests will be entertained and have something to engage with throughout the day. Imagine having a large quantity of guests together for a long period of time where they don't always know one another. The entertainment breaks the ice and gives them all something to interact with.

Our wedding magicians ensure we work our way around everyone integrating your guests together by performing different tricks and adapting our close up style. Everyone will be amazed and they will have something to talk about afterwards, building new relationships between your guests. Everyone's a winner. Of course, your wedding is your special day. It's something you have been dreaming about for years, having every detail planned out. Make your wedding a day to remember for life without any regrets. If you have been dreaming of having a specific type of entertainment at your wedding, don’t miss out. We guarantee that other people will be wanting the same entertainment as you.

Contact Us Now

Why would you risk not booking it in time? Contact Slightly Unusual now for a no obligation consultation. Our close up magic is extremely high quality and our magicians have years of experience under their belts. We will make sure you and your guests experience the ultimate wow factor. Use the banner below to fill in an enquiry form on our website. Alternatively, call us on 0333 301 3001. We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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