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The Number 1 Reason Why Your Event Needs a Magician

Most people reading this blog will have heard of Brad Burton. He is the UK's Number 1 Motivational Business Speaker. I have always found Brad an inspiration and I think he is absolutely the best speaker I have ever watched.

Brad puts on regular events called 'Brad Camp'. At these events Brad takes a small select group of people and teaches them how to be better speakers and business people.

I was at the last Brad Camp in Walsall and it was phenomenal. However something happened that day that made me think about the value of a magician for an event planner.

Towards the end of the day I stood up to talk and thought I would start by performing a magic trick. The trick itself was simple - I took Brad's sharpie marker and changed the writing on the side to match the name of a card someone else picked. However is was the reaction from Brad and everyone else in that room that really made me think.

Upon seeing that the logo on his pen had changed whilst he was holding onto it Brad stood up, freaked out and walked off. Basically for a few seconds he questioned reality. However everyone else in the room was reacting in pretty much the same way. Everyone was wanting to see the pen and check to make sure it had actually changed. After a few seconds disbelief turned into laughter as everyone discussed this impossible moment of magic.

Now Brad is an intelligent guy. You don't get to be the UK's Number One Motivational Business Speaker and the founder of 4Networking without having something about you. However this is not the first time Brad as reacted like this. When he launched his (very amazing and inspirational) new book 'Now What' at The Business Show in London he asked me to do some magic with it. I did a magic and mind reading routine with his book and once again he was blown away as was everyone else. Check out this video to see exactly what happened

So why did performing a magic trick make me think about the value of a magician to an event planner? Obviously I know magic is great and I have written probably hundreds of blogs on the subject. However watching that room of professional business people react the way they did reminded me of something that sometimes even I forget.


Imagine you are planning an event, what type of entertainment could you organise that creates such a sense of wonder? Singers, bands and dancers are great but it is definitely not interactive. You sit and watch. When you watch a great magician you are taken on a journey. You laugh, you are amazed, you experience child like wonder. It's an experience you share with everyone in the audience and it creates a talking point and a conversation starter for the rest of the night. In fact it is normally the thing that people are talking about for months after.

If you are reading this I challenge you to think of another form of entertainment that will make the UK's Number 1 Motivational Business Speaker question reality. It just doesn't happen.

So next time you are planning an event and you want to make sure that your guests remember it for all the right reasons contact me. I promise I can help put smiles on people's faces and most importantly create the WOW Factor that every event needs.

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