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Top 10 reasons to have Close-up Magic at your wedding

A person’s wedding day is often the most important day in their lives. Every last little detail is often planned to absolute tee, from the flavour of the crisps to the colour of the flowers; everything must be perfect. All of these aspects are an integral part of finalising your big day, but many weddings can fall short of perfection due to bland and tedious entertainment. CLICK HERE to see what packages we offer for your wedding. However, close up magic offers excitement, humour and many other aspects to really engage a group of people. So here’s ten reasons why you should choose to have close up magic at your wedding:

Magician performs a close-up card trick with a black 3 of clubs

1. Firstly at every wedding there always seems to be a table that appears to be a slight miss-match, not many of the guests on it know each other, and many of them don’t seem to have a common ground. This is where magic comes in as an excellent ice breaker and removes any awkwardness between guests. The close up magic will leave the guests mind-boggled and entertained, will naturally bring the guests together, give them an instant talking point, and creates a potential for new friendships.

2. Many guests at your wedding are likely to not be involved during the photographs and may be standing around not knowing what to do with themselves, this strikes a perfect opportunity for one of our superb magicians to entertain with some never seen before close up magic.

3. The perks of a close up magician do not end there. Before the highly anticipated wedding meal there is often a period where guests are getting drinks and standing/sitting in small groups; this is another great time for some close up magic to really get the guests into a joyful and excited mood, which every bride and groom hopes for their guests.

4. How many weddings have you been to that get a band who play the same old cliché wedding songs, and often leave you with a sense of déjà vu, however you do know where you’ve seen it before (at 95% of weddings you’ve ever been to.) Having close up magic at your wedding offers fresh and exciting entertainment which many of your guests will never have seen before. Just picture it now, one of your guests in 20 years time turning to their partner and saying ‘Do you remember how fantastic that close up magic was at ….. wedding?’. That’s the sort of lasting impression that the team at Slightly Unusual aim to have on your guests. CLICK HERE to see our honest comparison on wedding entertainment.

5. Another great reason to have close up magic at your wedding, is that magicians are adaptable to any situation. It’s a horror to think but we all know living in the U.K. that the possibility of it raining on your wedding day is not low. If you’re having an outdoor wedding and the dreaded rain does start to cascade down, and you have a band they’ll have to instantly close up shop to avoid to any damage to their equipment. But if you have a magician we will make the best of the unfortunate circumstance and keep entertaining despite the bleak British weather.

magician handing over cards to assistant in a close up magic trick

6. The key to all entertainment is to captivate as many people as possible, and that is the beauty of close up magic. It can be tailored to every age, gender and star sign possible. If you’re a fan of Dynamo’s magic, that’s something we can do. If Grandpa Mark is a fan of card tricks, again that is something we can do, and of course we can personalise our magic to suit the younger generation as well. The last thing you want is a bored, screaming child at your wedding doing their utmost to create a disturbance, however if you hire a magician, this worry can be pushed to the back of your mind.

7. Although our aim as entertainers is to please as many people as we can, we know that some guests just aren’t into entertainment and that is the great thing about hiring a magician. If you hire a heavy metal wedding band for you entertainment and a few of your guests don’t like heavy metal, they may not have the best time. However if you have a magician and someone doesn’t want to be involved, that is absolutely fine and no magic will ever be forced upon someone who doesn’t want to partake in a trick.

8. This brings me onto my next point that magic does not offend anyone, if you choose a comedian for your wedding for example, there's always the worry that the light-hearted guests will be offended by some of the comedian's material. But ask yourself this, has anyone ever been offended by the phrase 'Is this your card?'.

9. Another fantastic perk of having close up magic at your wedding is that you'll never have to go through the stress of not being able to fit in the entertainment. You won't need a stage, bright lights or any other items which may take up a large amounts of room in your limited wedding reception space. Our close up magicians can work in any size rooms; especially with all that time squeezing into a tiny box before being chopped in half.

10. The final great reason to have a magician at you wedding is probably the reason a lot of you have been waiting for, the price. A lot of wedding entertainment is extremely expensive especially a wedding band, however close up magic offers very reasonable prices to fit your wedding day needs.

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