We frequently get asked to produce a VIP at an event to help it kick off with a bang. This is a service that is becoming more and more popular. A lot of companies with have us produce their CEO at the start of an event before he delivers a keynote speech. In this instance we not present a show. Instead we would come on stage and just produce the person in question.

We have been asked to produce celebrities in the past as well. In fact there have been a few instances where we have produced an entire band on stage complete with musical instruments. Basically any time you might want to start an event with a bang we can develop an illusion that will allow us to do so.

The same concept can be used to create a huge impact at the start of one of our illusion shows. At weddings, when we are booked to perform our mega illusion show, we will frequently start the show by making the bride appear in front of all her guests. The bride can then sit down with her new husband and enjoy the remainder of the show. We will frequently make the guest of honour appear at 30th, 40th or even 50th birthday parties.

Basically we always tell our clients that anything is possible. If you have an idea there is a very good chance we can develop an illusion to make your idea a reality.   Give us a call for a no obligation consultation and we can help you more.

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Starting an event with a bang!