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​With over 20 years combined experience in the sales industry and a further 20 years combined performing experience, Slightly Unusual are the perfect choice for any trade show, no matter how large or small.

Were you disappointed with the level of interest shown at your last exhibition?

Did you spend lots of money for little return?

Do you struggle to attract large crowds to your stand?

It's a common problem, but next time it will be different! How?

Book Slightly Unusual for your exhibition and your company will literally be the talk of the town. Slightly Unusual’s unique and magical approach ensures that your stand or booth will attract visitors like bees around a honey pot.​

They will liaise with your company before the show so that we can develop a working knowledge of the products and services you are offering. They can then develop custom made magical presentations that incorporate your company message. Imagine having the magician borrow a £5 note from a potential customer and turning it into a £50 note while talking about how your company can help increase profits. Imagine. Imagine having all your industries buzz words built into a magical presentation, which not only amazes your customers but informs them as well.

Unlike a lot of Corporate Magicians, Slightly Unusual are Award Winning Illusionists. This means that the team will use Las Vegas style Grand Illusions to entertain the crowd. This will typically attract even more visitors as your customers will be seeing things that they have NEVER seen before.


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