What is an illusionist??


There are lots of different types of performers in the world of magic. Close up magicians, cabaret magicians, children's magicians, walk around magicians to name just a few.   However there very few illusionists in the UK.

An illusionist only performs on stage to a large audience. They use big boxes (called Grand Illusions) and perform effects such as making people appear, vanish, change places or float in the air. An illusionist will normally have at least one girl assistant with him who is usually the person who gets put in the boxes.

Traditional illusionists mainly perform to music timing the illusions they perform to the music that is being played. As such there is very little talking (or patter) in a traditional illusion act. A lot of presentations that illusionists use are very dramatic. As such they are normally not really suitable for a family audience.

There are many performance venues that an illusionist would be appropriate. Obviously stages, theatres, and larger performance venues. However illusionists can also be used at weddings, private parties, theme parks, holiday parks, product launches, trade shows, team building events and dinners or balls.

Slightly Unusual differ from normal illusionists. We are known as The Comedy Illusionists. We combine grand illusions with laugh out loud comedy. We also use more modern up to date music that traditional illusionists and speak a lot more.

We hold the exclusive performance rights for most of our illusions. This means the only you can see  what we do is by booking us for your event. In the last 18 months we have won dozens of awards for our show. In fact we won Brit Idol 2012 and have been voted the most loved entertainers in the UK 2013. We have also performed our act on TV numerous times.

So next time you have an event and you want something spectacular give us a call - we can help.

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