Why book a close up magician?

Close up magic is magic that is performed close up either strolling around or by the magician going from table to table. But why would you want to have close up magic at your event? 

There are 6 main reasons why it works.

1) Firstly magic is very popular, in fact many people describe 2012/2013 as a golden age of magic. In the UK Dynamo is very popular. Likewise in the USA Chris Angel and David Blaine are just as popular. Add to that names like Penn & Teller and  Derren Brown and you should be able to realise magic is very popular.
Due to this popularity people WANT to be able to see magic live. Many people think that if they saw it live they would be able to work out how it was done. Therefore when there is a magician at an event there is normally a buzz that you do not get with most other forms of entertainment.

2.) It's a break from the norm. People are used to seeing singers, dancers and bands at events. You expect to see a DJ when you go to most functions. However a magician is something different. We have found that typically ticket sales go up when people find out there is an event with a magician as part of the entertainment.

3.) Close up magic is unobtrusive. A lot of entertainment demands that you sit and watch whether you want to or not. The trouble is a lot of people might not like the type of entertainment you are offering. For example a lot of people don't like Karaoke.  This means if Karaoke is offered they would probably leave.  In the case of close up magic the magician will mix and mingle among your guests performing magic to small groups. If anyone does not want to see the magic they don't have to. This way entertainment can be offered to everyone without the problem occurring that some people might not like it.

4.) There is a lot of audience participation.  People want to be entertained. With most entertainment people just sit there and listen only half paying attention. With magic everyone that is watching  gets involved. People enjoy magic for different reasons. Some people like to try to work out how it's done, some people enjoy watching a demonstration of skill whilst others just enjoy getting involved. Whatever the reason everyone will be participating and therefore having a good time.

5.) Close up magic will work for everyone. Adults, elderly, children even teenagers.  A good close up magician can adapt their performance to the group they are performing for. No other type of entertainment can be adapted on the fly depending on the audience type. It makes this form of magic very versatile.

6.) Close up magic can be performed in almost any situation. Unlike a band that needs a stage or a singer that needs PA equipment close up magic can be done almost anywhere. Are your guests standing around - no problem!  Are they sitting around big tables - that's fine !  It can even be utilised outside as well as inside. The bottom line is that whatever performing environment you have in mind there is a good chance close up magic will work.

So now you know how great close up magic is its time to see for yourself. Whatever your event we can help enhance it by supplying a close up magician. Between us we have represented England three times in the European Close Up Magic Championships as well as performing loads on TV. Check out our website (especially the close up page), look at our videos and TV appearances and then get in touch - we can help you decide how close up magic will work best for you.

Thanks for reading.