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Alex is a multi award winning close up and stage magician that is literally setting the world on fire. He combines hilarious routines, stunning sleight of hand and super impressive visual stunts into one package. His close up skills are second to none and over the years has worked for some of the top companies in the UK. However, the area in which he really excels is stage magic.

Lots of audience interaction combined with laugh out loud comedic set pieces means that audiences come back and see him again and again. Unlike a lot of comedic magicians the magic he performs is very strong and in fact many of his routines are completely unique to his act. Imagine a real egg appearing into the spectators hands while the entire audience looks in awe. For the finale of his cabaret show he manages to read every member of the audience's mind at the same time!

He has performed in Dubai, Spain, France, Germany and Australia. Wherever he goes he sets audiences on fire!

Alex is young, cutting edge, funny and most importantly very likeable. This young man is going places and whether he is performing on stage in front of hundreds of people or to a small group in a close up setting the results are always the same - minds blown!

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