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Our magicians are nothing short of exceptional. We provide the best corporate entertainment in the country and are often described as 'The Speciality Act Of The Decade.'

Craig Petty, the founder, magician, illusionist and entertainer of Slightly Unusual poses for the camera by crossing his arms.

Best known for his incredible award-winning tricks and performances in the Magic community for the last 25 years, Craig has risen through many challenges and achieved success like no other. Across the years Craig has published some of the best selling products ever released to magicians. His work includes Cheeky and Quantum Deck. Just recently he has released Trivia with Alakazam. His tricks have even reached number one at Penguin Magic.

Nemed Phoenix, a Slightly Unusual entertainer holds a crystal clear rubik's cube while posing.

Nemed is considered one of the finest close up magicians in the country.  He is the only person to win The British Magical Society Close Up Magician of the Year five years in a row. He combines sleight of hand with a very dry wit and a lot of audience interaction.  Over the years he has performed for some of the largest clients in the world and has performed in Dubai, Iraq, Las Vegas and Disneyland Paris!

Daniel Chard, a Slightly Unusal close up magician smiles for the camera while holding a deck of playing cards.

Daniel is an award winning performer, who is in constant demand at weddings and corporate events. He is a member of the prestigious magic circle. Daniel was a resident magician at Illusions Magic Bar in Bristol for 11 years and is currently the Head Magician at Smoke And Mirrors, the Uk’s Only Boutique Magic Theatre. Daniel also spent 2 seasons performing for tens of thousands of tourists as a resident magician at the House Of Illusion in Salou, Spain.

Alex Slightly Unusual.png

Alex is a multi award winning close up and stage magician that is literally setting the world on fire. He combines hilarious routines, stunning sleight of hand and super impressive visual stunts into one package. His close up skills are second to none and over the years has worked for some of the top companies in the UK. However, the area in which he really excels is stage magic.


Paul is an amazing close up magician. He has won the British Magical Society Close Up Magician of the Year four times and is considered as one of the best close up magicians in the country. 


When asked to describe his act, Paul simply said, “I'm Paul and I mess with people's heads.”

Si is an amazing all round entertainer.  He is a singer, balloon modeller and musician as well as a magician.  He is one third of the highly popular band 'Pattison Fogg'.  As such when he performs magic he brings elements of music and dance into his performance as well.

Roman Transparent-min.png

Scott has been a full-time professional performer for 20 years. He has taken his magic all over the UK and into Europe as a host of prestigious private and corporate events, performing everywhere from front rooms to castles, high speed trains and paddle steamers on the Thames. His magic is fun, interactive, and above all incredibly entertaining, making it certain that no matter what the event, your guests will remember having been part of an amazing experience.

Roman comes from a performing family, with both of his parents being entertainers, which led to him catching the bug from a young age. He's been performing magic since he was around 8 years old and is now a multi-award winning magician, performing up and down the country. His quick wit, charm and all round zaniness make him a favourite amongst audiences of all ages.

Steve Dela.png

Steve is guaranteed to make your event Memorable, Fun & Highly Entertaining.

As a full time pro for over 20 years, Steve really has the experience and the knowledge to ensure that your party is buzzing with excitement. Guests will be laughing, smiling and having fun.


Tiffany is considered one of the top magicians in the whole of the UK.  She is passionate about breaking down barriers and making people realise that magic is not just for men.

lee 6.png

Lee's journey into magic started in the mystical realms of the far East, more specifically South Korea. Under the tutelage of Canadian born magician 'The Burnaby Kid' Lucky Lee garnered secrets and ways of magic.


Like all children, Stevie was fascinated with magic as a small boy.  From an early age he would wow his family and friends with tricks that he had mastered himself. Growing up however, the magic was replaced with work and responsibilities. It wasn’t until Stevie was aged 28, working as a plumber on a construction site that his magic roots were rediscovered.

Kieran EDITED_edited.png

Kieran has been performing magic for over 20 years, enthralling audiences, captivating their imaginations and making them grin from cheek to cheek.​ He is a naturally charming, cheeky and charismatic performer. He loves to have fun with people, spread joy and reignite that childhood wonder inside everyone. 


Tom promises a different type of close-up magic, taking inspiration from the places and people around him and infusing street magic and mind-reading.

David Mullinger.png

Whether you have an intimate gathering or are arranging a large corporate event in front of a vast audience you want it to be amazing and to leave everyone speechless with a lasting impression! And that is exactly what every event guest who has seen David in action has to say. He delivers bewilderment in bucketfuls!

sean morse.png

Sean is one of the UK’s top professional entertainers, specialising in both comedy and magic. He is an award-winning comedian, having performed at prestigious venues such as London’s Comedy Store. He has also appeared on Amazon Prime’s ‘Magic Caught on Camera’, which is available to stream now.

NEW Ryland Transparent SU-min.png

Out of all of the members of Slightly Unusual that are a part of our award-winning illusion show, Kat Stanley is the longest serving member. In fact several of the Illusions are custom built specifically for Kat.

Ryland is Slightly Unusual's youngest magician. At just 11 years of age, Ryland is already understanding the skills and requirements needed to become an amazing showman. It's safe to say Ryland is already a very, very good magician!


Since Tom was a child magic has been his number one passion! He thrives on entertaining people with his unique style and not only does he amaze people with his card manipulation and mind reading but he puts the power of magic into the spectator's hands.

Marc DT.png

Marc Dominic is an exceptional magician, not only skilled in the art of prestidigitation, showmanship and a consummate performer, but he is a qualified marketeer and experienced communicator.


Matt is an incredible performer with a wealth of experience.  Matt has been performing on stage his entire life.  As well as being a very talented magician he is also an actor, compère, singer and musician.  In fact he has played on some of the biggest stages in the world and once toured the UK as one of the lead roles in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Warren Tredaway.png

Warren is a West Midlands based award winning 'closeup' magician who specialises in sleight of hand magic which is fun and interactive. He has won the British Magical Society Close Up Magician of the Year twice as well as being a Blue-Ribbon medalist of the club, which is awarded for achieving a high standard of magical ability.

Jaie Blunt

Jaie is a close-up performer in the UK with six years of experience performing at weddings and honing his skills at Smoke and Mirrors theatre bar, which has recently been voted one of Bristol's top hidden gems.

White background suit_edited.png

From the age of 9, Sam developed a passion for magic that only continued to grow into adulthood.


Sam's worked professionally all over the UK for the past 13 years and entertained at countless weddings and multiple high profile events with clients like Cheshire Life, Siemens, Coca-Cola and Apple. With a unique and captivating approach to magic, Sam is guaranteed to break the ice and give your guests something special to talk about.

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