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Whether it's a formal black-tie affair, a lively office celebration, or a special birthday surprise, our private party magician guarantees an unforgettable experience! With our performances spanning across the nation, we can easily break the ice for your guests and bring a truly magical experience to your special event.

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Embark on a magical journey with our carefully curated ensemble of enchanters. Each sorcerer has been handpicked not only for their mastery and ingenuity but also for their knack for weaving spells that harmonise seamlessly with the sophisticated ambience of your gathering. Trust us to conjure an unforgettable, experience, tailored to intricately complement the refined atmosphere of your private event.



Best known for his incredible award-winning tricks and performances in the Magic community for the last 25 years, Craig has achieved success like no other. He has also published some of the best selling products ever released to magicians. 


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Nemed is considered one of the finest close up magicians in the country.  He is the only person to win The British Magical Society Close Up Magician of the Year five years in a row. He combines sleight of hand with a very dry wit and a lot of audience interaction.



Tom promises a different type of close-up magic experience, taking inspiration from the places and people around him and infusing street magic and mind-reading into his performance that will amaze and entertain on a more personal-level.



Lee's journey into magic started in the mystical realms of the far East, more specifically South Korea. Under the tutelage of Canadian born magician 'The Burnaby Kid' Lucky Lee garnered secrets and ways of magic.


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Roman comes from a performing family, with both of his parents being entertainers. He's been performing magic since he was around 8 years old and is now a multi-award winning magician available for hire.


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Meet the rest of our team to see our full list of magical entertainers. Each showman has mastered the dark arts, which is combined with their own personal wit and charm to deliver a unique performance every time.  


With a variety of mesmerising illusions and mind-bending tricks, our private party magicians are masters at crafting experiences that leave a lasting impression. From floating objects in the air to making full sided champagne bottles appear, each performance is meticulously designed to amaze and delight, ensuring that your private event stands out in the memories for everyone who attends.


But it's not just about the tricks – it's about creating moments of connection and joy. Our private party magician knows how to engage with guests, breaking the ice with charm and charisma, and creating an atmosphere. Whether performing close up magic with individuals or dazzling the crowd from with our illusion shows, we can adapt seamlessly to any setting, ensuring that every guest feels like a part of the magic.


We have years of experience performing at private parties so you can count on us to bring a memorable magic experience to your event. If you are looking to make a big impression on your guests, our private party magician is the perfect entertainment for you. So why settle for an ordinary gathering when you can elevate it to extraordinary with Slightly Unusual. Contact us today and let's make your private party one to remember.

If you're interested in booking Slightly Unusual for your event then just fill in the form below.
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