Magicians For Weddings

There will be lots of times during your wedding when people are waiting around.  By having Slightly Unusual perform close up magic it keeps the energy up in the venue and gets everyone excited. We provide magicians for weddings all across the country.


Magic acts as a conversation starter or an ice breaker.  There will be people at your wedding that don't know each other.  Slightly Unusual are experts at bringing groups of people together and creating conversations that will last throughout the whole wedding.


Slightly Unusual add the WOW Factor.  Your guests will remember the memories and experiences that are created throughout the day and into the evening.  Having Slightly Unusual perform magic WILL be remembered for a long time. 


If you have a photographer at your wedding their job is to capture amazing photos. When people watch Slightly Unusual perform their reactions say it all and your photographer can capture these reactions for you to look back on forever.

"They were fabulous, just brilliant at what they do."
                              - Dan Smith                                                                                                  

"Every single guest was amazed by how good they were!!"

                                                                   - Michelle Cullip

Slightly Unusual - Award Winning Close Up Magicians


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Bronze Package

1 Magician performing Close Up Magic for 2 hours

- Ideal for  Weddings with 20 - 80 people.

- Ideal package for Drinks Reception or Room Turnaround and Wedding Breakfast.

Silver Package

2 Magician performing Close Up Magic for 2 hours.

- Can be used at any stage of your big day.

- Suitable for Weddings with 80-120 Guests.

- Ideal package for Drinks Reception or Room Turnaround and Wedding Breakfast

- Includes special performance for the happy couple.

Gold Package

        Grand Stage Illusion Performance


- 2 Magician performing Close Up Magic for 2 hours.


- The Best Value Package

- Start either straight after the Ceremony or after the Wedding Breakfast

-includes a stage magic performance.

- No extra charge for performance breaks.

- Perfect if you have more guests arriving for your evening do.

- Suitable for large weddings (100+ guests)

- Best package for real magic lovers.

On your special day you want your guest to have an amazing time! You want everyone to have the WOW factor and to be saying how amazing your entertainment was. So there is one thing you need to do...

Booking Slightly Unusual to perform close up magic at your wedding will guarantee your guests have an amazing time or your money will be refunded in full.  Whether you are looking for close up magic during the reception or table magic throughout the wedding breakfast, Slightly Unusual will deliver.  They will mingle with your guests performing mind blowing close up miracles that happen right in the hands of the spectators.  We guarantee you will have never seen anything like this before.

Watch the videos below of Slightly Unusual in action and go to the contact page today for a no obligation quote.

Slightly Unusual - Award Winning Stage Magicians

Something that has become increasingly popular during the evening reception is to stage an illusion show before the wedding band or DJ starts. 

A show can run from 20 minutes to 45 minutes or more and ensures that absolutely no one misses out on seeing the magic. Slightly Unusual can even open the show by magically producing the Bride or Groom on stage. Imagine the look on your guests' faces as your appear from nowhere to start the evening.

A Cabaret show performed by 2 slightly unusual magicians who are reveal a women in the box.

“You are all amazing. Your illusion show is the best I have ever seen ” - Mandy Amstrong


Watch the videos below of some of the  Slightly Unusual team in action at one of the Illusions Show...
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