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Availability on our magicians for hire is very limited. Please fill out our availability form for a no obligation consultation.


Wedding Magicians For Hire

Do you have your wedding approaching soon and want to make sure your guests are entertained? Do you want to surprise and thrill your guests with unexpected yet truly engaging wedding entertainment? Then you need a wedding magician! At Slightly Unusual we provide magicians for weddings up and down the country, all across the UK. It's a great way to keep the energy up in the venue and keeps everyone entertained during your special day.

Magic is a perfect way to break the ice between your guests. Families & friends from both sides of the Bride and Groom might not know each other will get the chance to witness and be active participants in our jaw-dropping illusionary acts. We're experts at bringing people together and creating conversations that will last certainly leave guests saying “what a magical wedding that was!”.

Award Winning Close Up Magicians For Weddings

On your special day you of course want your guest to have an amazing time! With a little sprinkle of magic from our illusionary entertainers, we guarantee exactly that. Get in contact now to book one of our magicians for your wedding.

Booking Slightly Unusual to perform at your wedding will guarantee your guests have an amazing time or your money will be refunded in full.  Whether you are looking for close up magic during the wedding reception or some after-dinner entertainment like with our cabaret show, Slightly Unusual will deliver.  Our magicians for hire will not only perform tricks and sleight of hand deceptions to blow the minds of spectators, they will also be more than happy to mingle with your guests.  We guarantee you will have never seen anything like this before!


Bronze Package

1 Magician performing Close Up

Magic for 2 hours

- Ideal for  Weddings with 20 - 80 people.


- Ideal package for Drinks Reception or Room Turnaround and Wedding Breakfast.


Silver Package

2 Magicians performing Close Up Magic for 2 hours.

- Can be used at any stage of your big day.

- Suitable for Weddings with 80-120 Guests.

- Ideal package for Drinks Reception or Room Turnaround and Wedding Breakfast

- Includes special performance for the happy couple.


Gold Package

  Grand Stage Illusion Performance


- 2 Magicians performing Close Up Magic for 2 hours.


- The Best Value Package

- Start either straight after the Ceremony or after the Wedding Breakfast

-includes a stage magic performance.

- No extra charge for performance breaks.

- Perfect if you have more guests arriving for your evening do.

- Suitable for large weddings (100+ guests)

- Best package for real magic lovers.


It will come as no surprise to hear that your wedding day will certainly be busy between the ceremony, the meals, the speeches and of course the celebrating. With that in mind, it's important to know when your guests will be most receptive to watching our magicians put on their performance. We don't want to get in the way of the fun, we want to be a part of it! Our close-up magicians for example will certainly work best during periods when your guests are sat down at their tables.

We've identified four ideal times your wedding might most benefit from some magic-based entertainment: during the photos and drinks reception, during the wedding breakfast, during the room setup or turnaround and during the evening reception. Timing is everything, so get in contact now!

If you're interested in booking our Slightly Unusual magic entertainment for your wedding day then just fill in the form below OR select one of the golden buttons
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