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What is Close Up Magic?

Performing unimaginable feats of sleight of hand right beneath the audience’s noses, using small objects to decept and deceive the audience’s own eyes. All this and more describes exactly what close up magic is and how it can transform your corporate event or wedding reception into a carnival of fantasy and illusion.

Here at Slightly Unusual, we boast a team of expert magicians well-skilled in the art of close up magic available for hire at your next event. Perhaps our most interactive service, our performance style combines close up sleight of hand magic with laugh out loud comedy and thoughtful audience engagement, for a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Close up magician performing at a walkaround event for three audience members
Magician performing for an amazed female guest sat down at an event
Magician performing a close up magic card trick for a woman at a drinks reception

Walkaround / Mix & Mingle Magic

Picture your event alive and bustling with the energy of our walkaround magician filling every inch of the room, weaving through the crowd. The beauty of close up magic is that it allows guests to get on their feet, while being astonished by our feats of illusion. Whether it’s a team building event for your business, a drinks reception at your wedding or a private party, our walkaround magician will mingle seamlessly with your guests while delivering non-stop wonder and excitement at every turn.

Seated / Table Magic

If you anticipate your event to be less up and about and more sat down and laid back, then our close up magicians will have no problem adapting. Elevate your dining experience with our table magic entertainment, which really puts the spotlight on some of our impeccably precise close up card tricks and incredibly fast sleight of hand acts. You and your guests will be questioning reality while tucking into a three-course meal.

Hire a Close-up Magician

Hiring a close up magician for your event has never been easier. From Birmingham to Sheffield, From Coventry to Chester, our team is on standby to deliver an exceptional magic show that puts the WOW factor into any event you’re hosting. Dedicated to providing unparalleled entertainment that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Contact us today to bring the close up magic to your next event.

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