Corporate Events

At Slightly Unusual, we have performed thousands of corporate events all across the county. Our events include-

-Special Events

-Galas, Conventions

-Banquet Presentations

-Meetings, Annual Gatherings


-Cockstail Parties

-Client Appreciation Events

-Christmas Parties

Stage Performers

If you're preparing a formal event and want stage performers to perform an epic show, this is the best option. Our illusion show is very interactive and designed for bigger corporate audiences. We perform custom designed tricks that combine laugh out loud comedy with stunning illusions.

We will create a mind-blowing experience that your guests will never forget. Our magicians will perform a very unique ending to the show that your guests will be talking about for days.

Strolling Entertainment

For corporate events where everyone is mingling with each other, this is the perfect package when you need a perform to walk amongst the crowd and entertain everyone close up. If you're having a huge event and you're really looking to create a big impression, strolling entertainment is just what you need.

Our magicians will mingle with your guests and perform mind blowing magic tricks. Everyone will be left in awestruck as we perform impossible feats. This includes vanishing an entire pack of cards, tell people the name of their first kiss and cause a borrowed signed coin to bend in people's hands.

If you want to impress everyone at your coorpate event, this is the type of performance Slightly Unusual can provide you with.

Russell Leeds operates a magic prop that flattens a magician assistant on stage while Craig Petty celebrates for the crowd.
Craig Petty performs close up magic using playing cards at an event for a man and a woman.
Stevie Manford performs for a couple at a party.
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