Close Up Magic

If you're ready to provide a one in a life time experience for your upcoming private event, Slightly Unusual are here to provide close up magic for your guest's entertainment.

Our amazing magicians gather everyone around to mix and mingle as they perform magic that will leave your guests in awestruck. Whether you're standing around or seated around a table, we will leave an impression that will be talked about for years.

Craig Petty, Nemed Phoenix, Si Peddle, Tiffany Tilsley & Steven Manford posing together.

Just imagine on shocked your guests will look as Slightly Unusual bend borrowed coins and cutlery, make borrowed objects float into the air, make full sided bottles of champagne appear and much more. The close up magic we perform leaves everyone thinking, "How the heck did they do that?" The thrill of not knowing makes them want to see more as they're further entertained.

Tiffany Tilsley perfoming close up magic for a table at a private event
Nemed Phoenix performs rubix cube magic at a private event
Nemed Phoenix performs for two guests at a private party.

A close up magician is just what you need to make your party event perfect. We will take care of everything from an entertainment perspective. You won't have to worry about anything. Our magic tricks have been described as The Speciality Act Of The Decade. Over the last few years we have won numerous high profile magic championships in the field of close up magic.


In fact in 2009 we were invited to lecture at the World Famous Magic Circle Headquarters in London. The Magic Circle were so impressed they awarded Slightly Unusual Associate Membership of The Inner Magic Circle. We are considered among the best close up magicians in the World. In fact they have written and released over 30 DVD’s and books teaching magicians how to perform.

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