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Like all children, Stevie was fascinated with magic as a small boy.  From an early age he would wow his family and friends with tricks that he had mastered himself.


Growing up however, the magic was replaced with work and responsibilities. It wasn’t until Stevie was aged 28, working as a plumber on a construction site that his magic roots were rediscovered.

Stevie recalls the day it happened. There was a joiner working on the same site who happened to be a magician. One lunchtime Stevie saw him in the canteen performing tricks to the site lads, he mastered the joiners trick before the end of the lunch break and the rest is history.


Stevie has since downed his tools and is now a multi award winning magician performing all over the UK, with a residency at Alton Towers. He is also a proud member of The Order of the Magic, One of the oldest magic societies in the world.

It is his humble beginnings and down to earth charm that make Stevie Mandini the people’s magician.

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