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Craig Petty, the founder, magician, illusionist and entertainer of Slightly Unusual poses for the camera by crossing his arms.

Best known for his incredible award-winning tricks and performances in the Magic community for the last 25 years, Craig has risen through many challenges and achieved success like no other.


Across the years Craig has published some of the best selling products ever released to magicians. His work includes Cheeky and Quantum Deck. Just recently he has released Trivia with Alakazam. His tricks have even reached number one at Penguin Magic.

Craig is also a member of the Inner Magic Circle and was one of the only magicians to ever be invited to join Magic Circle as AIMC with a Silver Star. You might recognise Craig as former co-host of The Wizard Product Review alongside David Penn, one of the first online review shows for magicians. Craig now runs Magic TV, a YouTube series dedicated to magic. The series includes Talk Magics with iconic magicians, Magic Lives dedicated to famous routines and even runs The Magic Review Show alongside his son Ryland, another talented magician.

In addition to his career as a magician, Craig is also the Managing Director of Slightly Unusual and Non-Stop Kids Entertainment. These are two of the biggest entertainment companies in the country for children's entertainment and agencies for magicians. Between the two, they have delivered over 10,000 events to clients all across the country. Craig has also worked with a lot of well-known celebrities as well as supplying entertainment for popular companies such as BBC, 4Networking and many more.

Outside of the business world, Craig is also a motivational speaker and regularly speaks to business owners about business growth, marketing and getting into a good mind set. He's been invited several times to be a keynote speaker at the Business Show in London at Excel and Olympia.


Craig currently runs The Netrix, the number one streaming platform for magicians. Think of it as the Netflix for magic tricks!

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