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Kieran Shepherd, a Slightly Unusual entertainer poses with playing cards with one of them in his mouth.

Kieran has been performing magic for over 20 years, enthralling audiences, captivating their imaginations and making them grin from cheek to cheek.​ He is a naturally charming, cheeky and charismatic performer. He loves to have fun with people, spread joy and reignite that childhood wonder inside everyone. 

Kieran has dedicated his whole life learning to create everlasting memories of amazement and joy. 


These impossible moments are created from playing cards to coins, even pens and your jewellery. 


Kieran even learned to get inside the minds of others to reveal information no one could ever know!

Kieran is not just a magician he's the life of the party and will ensure your event is talked about for years to come. So if you want a day that you and your guests will be talking about for the rest of your lives then look no further.

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