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Marc Dominic Thompson, a Slightly Unusual magician and illusionist poses in a styled suit.

Marc Dominic is an exceptional magician, not only skilled in the art of prestidigitation, showmanship and a consummate performer, but he is a qualified marketeer and experienced communicator.

A true international performer having had clients flying him to the Caribbean Africa North America throughout Europe, he is used to performing around the world to a range of audiences. What that means to you and you get the very best at a realistic price point. Marc combines business skills, magic and entertainment to weave formants perfect for all events be that an 18th birthday party for your son, a 25th wedding anniversary for your parents or something for companies trade show stand.


Marc has something for every situation or venue from Castle to council house be it two people or 2000, Marc has the experience to mesmerise make your event truly memorable leaving your guests going home with their minds truly blown. Marc focuses on what you want your guests to feel, remember and experience. By focusing on outcomes your event is memorable, be it a wedding, a business event or some sales point. All be remembered for the right reasons.

Previous clients include:

AOL, Warner Brothers, Vue Cinemas, McDonald’s IBM, Vodafone, International Hotel chains, Michelin Starred Restaurants, The Athenian Club and Downing Street.

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