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Why magicians dress professionally?

Magicians who are providing a professional service should dress up to look the part as well. You can only present yourself professionally if you make the effort in every way to please your customers. Dress to impress so they say!

You need to give your clients a fantastic first impression

First impressions are very important as they give your clients the overall gut feeling about your attitude towards your profession. If you want those bookings then you have to pull your finger out when it comes to impressing your customers. Dressing in a snazzy well tailored suit with a tie and waistcoat with polished shoes will imply to your audience that you are well organised and actually gives you a better presentation than you probably already have ( dressing in a suit can give the false impression that you are punctual and an outright fantastic magician who knows what s/he is doing. This is true for Slightly Unusual which really are punctual and fantastic ). This means more potential bookings

Jeans and hoodies just will not get you the publicity you will need

If you want good publicity with a lot of attention from all the right sources then tracksuits and hoodies just won't cut it. Any attention from people you receive will most likely focus on the way you dress and this can affect your success in your profession. The wrong clothes can give off the impression that you are sloppy, disorganised and not passionate about your job enough to at least present yourself properly.

If you look the part then you’ll feel the part

If you dress so you look like a professional magician then it is likely that you will feel like a professional magician and it is said that you will then be able to perform at your best. Confidence can really be affected by the way you dress which reflects how others see what’s you feel like on the inside.

Wearing a uniform makes your audience more likely to engage with you

Uniform allows you to engage more with your audience as it is proven that wearing a uniform has an effect on people where they feel more obliged to obey you and engage with you along with taking you more seriously. People’s attitudes towards you will generally change when you are dressed smartly.

Stand out from the crowd

All the clients will be dressed in casual wear so if you want to pronounce yourself as a professional then you need to dress like one so people aren’t going to mistake you for another guest to wherever you are performing. Remember that you do not need to be boring and dull when wearing a suit, you can always jazz it up with a fancy waistcoat which can be a contrasting colour to the colours of your suit. You can also do the same with your bow tie and shirt along with shoes. This is the same for females but they may choose to wear a skirt instead of trousers.

All in all, just remember the way you dress can make all the difference in the impression and way your audience will engage with you. It can be more important than you may first think, so as they say remember to dress to impress!

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