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Booking A Close Up Magician - What To Consider | Corporate Entertainment With Slightly Unusual 2022

It goes without saying close up magic is a great way to bring the wow factor to any event. Whether it's a private party, wedding, trade show or even a team building event, having a close up magician performing mix and mingle as your guests arrive is a great way to incorporate meet and greet in the style.

Booking A Close Up Magician - What To Consider | Corporate Entertainment With Slightly Unusual 2022

It's not close up magic you're limited to. Magicians can perform table magic, moving from table to table while entertaining guests. They can even mingle with your guests after the meal and help bring groups of people together. Magic is a great conversation starter and even a good ice breaker between people who do not know each other.

However, if you have never experienced or booked a close up magician at your event before, there are a few things you need to take into consideration. Using these tips will help you ensure the entertainment at your event will be remembered for all the right reasons. You will be able to leave the party afterwards, knowing you secure a fantastic magician.

Is Your Magician Experienced At Performing?

The best way to look at this is with an analogy. You wouldn't hire an electrician to rewire your house without checking beforehand if they don't know what they're doing. This is an issue with the magic community is there are several amateur magicians out there who try to make it seem like they are professionals. If you have heard the horror stories of performers not turning up to events or doing a really bad job, it's usually someone who isn't a professional.

When it comes to hiring your magician, make sure to find out if they are experienced at performing. There are several things you can to ensure you are hiring the right magician. Firstly, check if their website looks professional built and it's a secure website (you can tell by seeing the locked symbol on the URL). On said website, check to see if there are photos of them performing for real people at real events. Showreels are also a strong importance as they showcase live unedited performance videos. This lets you see how real people react to eerie performance. Likewise, you can also check if they have a strong social media presence. A busy working magician should have no problem posting online.

Do They Specialise In Performing Your Style Of Event?

Different close up magicians have different areas of expertise. For example, a lot of children's entertainers bill themselves as close up magicians as well. However, the magic they do for children is completely different to the type of magic that you would see at a corporate event. Some magicians also specialise in close up magic. That means they are not specialised in performing stage magic or grand illusion shows.

You get the idea. The best thing for you to do is hire a corporate magician who has performed at hundreds of corporate events and can adapt to any type of event. At Slightly Unusual, our magicians specialise in providing close up, wedding entertainment, team building events, trade shows and much more. We're highly experienced and specialise in different methods.

Check For Reviews

A great magician will have built up such a reputation that you can find nothing but hundreds of positive reviews across social media, review platforms and on their own website. The reviews will help give you insight on what to expect and know you are in for a great time. At Slightly Unusual, each of our magicians have their own page with their own testimonials. You can find hundreds of positive reviews on Add to Event, Facebook and even on our website. Video testimonials are also a big advantage as you can hear first hand what clients thought about their experience. We have our own testimonials for previous clients who had nothing but positive things to say.

Do They Cope Well Under Pressure?

Magicians as a whole should carry that aura of confidence with them. They enter the room and immediately leave a lasting impression on your guests. Professional magicians are use to performing for well over one-hundred guests at a time. Their charisma and talent leaves you to believe they don't carry any sense of worry at all. Nobody wants a magician who doesn't feel up for the role. It helps your guests to relax as well as they won't feel concerned around a confidence magician.

Part of being a professional magician is having the ability to bounce back into action after a potential mistake. Professional magicians will rehearse every trick in their arsenal until it becomes second nature. However, that doesn't mean everything will go according to plan. Fortunately, a professional magician knows how to bounce back from an unexpected outcome, turning a tiny crisis into an opportunity to further impress your audience with their incredible talent. No matter the circumstances, a great magician copes well under pressure.

Remember To Consider Everything

Thank you for taking the time to read today's blog. If you would like a no obligation consultation about having a magician or illusionist at your wedding, we're here to help. Our central office team would be more than happy to go through how magic can work at a wedding and whether it would be suitable for you. Contact us on 0333 301 3001 or use the banner below to access our contact form. Fill in your details and we will get back to you.

We look forward to speaking with you soon.


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