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The importance of booking entertainment for your wedding early

Your big day is getting closer and you’ve decided that you want entertainment at your wedding. So why wait to book it?

Here at Slightly Unusual we are classed as one of the finest Comedy Illusion Acts in the world. We perform all over the UK at Corporate Events, Weddings and even TV appearances. We specialise in close up magic where we mingle between your guests and leave their minds completely blown.

A Slightly Unusual entertainer performs some close up table magic for ex Man City footballer Joe Hart and his wife

Leaving things to last minute is never a wise decision, we’ve all done it before and learnt our lesson! So if you and your partner have decided on the entertainment that you want for your wedding, then book it, book it straight away!

Here at Slightly Unusual we find that people are always desperate to book and secure our services for their wedding, however it can’t always be done. Some people are so organised and book us in advance, even years before the event, simply because they don’t want to miss out on having our services at their wedding. But we also find that people are the complete opposite and leave it completely last minute and try and book us a few weeks before their event. The problem with this is that like most entertainment companies we get fully booked months in advance, we perform at over 2,000 events a year, which leaves us unavailable for last minute events, leaving the customers unhappy and without our entertainment. If you’re interested in seeing what Slightly Unusual offers then CLICK HERE.

There is one simple solution to ensuring you have the entertainment you want… Book early! By booking early you are securing the entertainment for your wedding and completely removing that layer of stress from everything else that you have to sort! Not only that, you can guarantee that your guests will be entertained and have something to engage with throughout the day.

Some people tend to leave entertainment to one of the last things that they sort for their big day as they don’t realise the importance of it. Imagine having a large quantity of guests together for a long period of time where they don’t always know each other. Having entertainment breaks the ice and gives them all something to interact with. So why would you risk not booking it in time?

Especially with Slightly Unusual, we ensure that we work our way around everyone and integrate your guests together performing different tricks and adapting our close up style to what you like. But if you’re going to book a close up magician, then you will want to read this blog before booking one, just CLICK HERE.

a comedy magician performs some funny magic which leaves group at a wedding smiling & aughing

You’ve probably been dreaming about your wedding day for years, having every detail planned out and knowing exactly what you want. But what you forget is that hundreds of other people are getting married at exactly the same time and they’ll also want entertainment. Make your wedding day a day to remember for life, you don’t want to have any regrets, you want it to be perfect. This involves making sure every last detail is how you wanted it, so if you’ve been dreaming about having a specific type of entertainment at your wedding, don’t miss out, because I can guarantee that other people will be wanting the same entertainment as you!

Most of the time when someone mentions having close up magic at their wedding their automatic thought is price. However, its not as expensive as you think and it is worth the price you pay! Slightly Unusual’s close up magic is extremely high quality and is frequently booked for corporate events and is therefore an amazing choice if you’re looking to leave your guests with the ultimate wow factor. However if you are on a budget but want entertainment for your wedding, then read our blog for 5 ways to book wedding entertainment without going broke by CLICKING HERE.

Be prepared! Plan with your partner what you want and get searching! Make sure you choose the right entertainment for your wedding and make sure you leave yourself enough time to guarantee that you can book it! You don’t want to be disheartened by not having your dream entertainment…

a team of magicians and entertainers pose for the camera

If your wedding is coming up and you’re thinking of booking close up magic as your entertainment then why not check out what we offer by CLICKING HERE and if you like what you see then fill in the FORM and we will get back to you within the hour.

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