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Top Tips For Performing Close Up Magic | Close Up Magicians 2021

As a professional magician you will understand the importance of putting on a great show for your clients. You want to impress everyone, leave a great impression and potentially get rebooked again in the future. All that comes with making a great first impression with your clients.

Top Tips For Performing Close Up Magic | Close Up Magicians 2021

One of the biggest reasons clients come to Slightly Unusual is because none of our magicians are like the other. Every magician stands out with their unique acts and specialties. If you're a close up magician and looking to make sure your act goes smoothly, we're going to break down some quality tips that will guarantee a successful event.

Practise Your Routines

We've all heard the saying, "Practise makes perfect." It's no exaggeration. Before going into your show, you should practise & rehearse your performance many times. Even if you are confident in routines you have mastered perfectly before, it never hurts to practise it again to keep your mind sharp. Practising will ensure you don't mess up your tricks, remember where your props are to allow you to adapt on the spot as well if necessary. Rehearse every aspect of your show until it is second nature.

Prepare Contingencies

Yes, we talked about the importance of practising your routines but even the best magicians can have a trick go wrong in the middle of the performances. But instead of panicking and restarting the trick again, the best thing you can do is bounce back into action with contingency plans. Take a look at your routines and work out every way they can go wrong. This will help out to come up with a solution beforehand and stop you from looking silly in front of your audience.

Be Charismatic

There's more to being a magician than just your performances. Being charismatic is an important step in impressing the crowd. Having charisma will light up the room the second you walk in, impressing your audience from your presence alone. Getting the crowd impressed by your charm is a big step. If you can make people laugh while impressing them with your routines, you will have accomplished a successful event. This is something all close up magicians should remember.

Be Unique

We all know there are a lot of famous magicians out there anyone will recognise from name. Dynamo, David Copperfield and many more out there. Your act shouldn't be trying to impersonate other magicians. Instead, your act should be unique with your own style. People aren't there to see you try and imitate a famous performer. They are there to see you and what you will bring to the table. Strive to be the best version of yourself, create your own unique character and your own mannerisms. After the show ends you won't hear them saying, "He's like David Copperfield!" They'll be talking about you.

Become The Best Version Of Yourself

Follow these tips and you are guaranteed to put on a show like no other. You'll impress everyone with your unique performance, leave a good impression with your charm and get booked again for future performances. Everyone's a winner. Close up magicians are amazing and just what everyone needs for a corporate event. If you're a client looking for a unique act to bring to your show, get in touch with our central office and we'll be happy to go through some options. Call us on 0333 301 3001 or send us an enquiry form through the banner below for a no obligation consultation & quote.


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