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How A Virtual Show Can Save You Lots Of Hassle | Virtual Magic Shows With Slightly Unusual 2021

Slightly Unusual are thrilled to announce that we will soon be able to provide live entertainment. Thanks to the Roadmap out of Lockdown easing restrictions within the upcoming weeks, it won't be long until we can perform close up magic in person once again. But you don't have to wait because we have the next best thing available.

How A Virtual Show Can Save You Lots Of Hassle | Virtual Magic Shows With Slightly Unusual 2021

If you're ready to host a fantastic virtual magic show for your upcoming corporate event, Slightly Unusual have the technology and resources to provide a one in a life time experience. We've provided thousands of virtual events for private parties & corporate events across the country. One of the big advantages included is all the stress and hassle included.

More Flexibility

A lot corporate companies have hired out services on weekends because that's usually the best time to arrange a private event. A key feature to a virtual event is it offers more room for flexibility with times. We understand how busy everyone gets within the week. Because all of your guests are attending from home there won't be any concerns about leaving home early to make it to the event on time or concerns about parking. Timing arrangements are much more flexible.

No Concerns For Physical Location

Our virtual show have been designed from the ground up to work fully virtual. As a result you don't have to worry about finding the physical location of the event. Everyone will still interact and talk to each other in real time as well as your magician. You won't even be able to tell the difference between a virtual event and in person.

Your Guests Will Have No Concerns About Travelling

Now that you no longer have to worry about your guests arriving that means you don't have to stress over making travel arrangements as well. Everyone will be attending online through their smart devices (smart phones, iPads, computers, etc.) No one has to worry about finding a parking space, figuring out how to find the venue and making sure your magician has space to park as well. Everyone wins.

They're Cheaper

If you've ever had concerns about going over your budget, that won't be a problem anymore for a virtual event. You will save so much money without losing any of the quality. It's a fantastic experience at a fraction of the cost. Now you and your company can use any left over budget for business purposes.

A Unique Experience Like No Other

Thanks for checking out today's blog. We're thrilled to have provided virtual events for corporate parties over the following months and we look forward to providing live entertainment once again. Until then we look forward to speaking with you about providing a virtual magic show. Send us a contact form in the banner below and we will get back to you with a no obligation consultation. Or call us on 0333 301 3001.


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