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Corporate Entertainment 2023 | The Number One Close Up Magicians In The UK

2023 has officially arrived. A New year is upon us and we have no doubt this is going to be an incredible year for entertainment. We’re super ecstatic to provide one of our incredible close up corporate magicians to your private party. Whether you’re looking for someone to provide entertainment at your corporate event, private party, wedding or even a team building, you don’t need to look any further. We are Slightly Unusual - one of the best corporate entertainment within the UK.

Corporate Entertainment 2023 | The Number One Close Up Magicians In The UK

We provide incredible close up performers to thousands of parties every single year. Just last month we attended thousands of huge corporate Christmas parties. We are not a one-man band who work as plumbers during the work and only do this type of thing on a weekend for a bit of extra cash. We’re a national company with some of the greatest close up magicians on our team. During the lockdown period, we continued providing virtual entertainment for big corporate events. The most important thing to remember is we have never, not once, let anyone down. We work with some of the largest companies in the world and they wouldn’t just have anyone providing entertainment for their huge event.


We perform at thousands of weddings every single year. As the Bride and Groom you want your special day to be remembered for all the right reasons. That includes making sure the guests are having a great time as well. Having a wedding magician for your special day is the perfect way to break the ice between your guests. You’re always going to have family & friends from both sides who more than likely don’t know each other. We are experts at bringing people together and help break the ice between everyone. After experiencing one of our close up magicians perform out of this world tricks, you can’t help but talk about it! We’ve provided magicians for weddings all across the country. It’s a great way to keep the engagement up at your venue and keeps everyone entertained.

Private Parties!

There’s a good chance you have a private black-tie event, office party or even a surprise birthday planned. Regardless of the situation, we will provide an incredible experience like no other. The close up magic we bring will encourage mix & mingle with everyone. We’ll perform amazing close up miracles that leave an incredible impression like no other. Just imagine the look of astonishment on your guests face when they see us performing impossible feats. Everyone will be scratching their heads thinking, “How did they do that?” The thrill of not knowing makes everyone want to see more.

As well as close up magic, we even provide stage show entertainment for the large events! It’s very interactive and specifically designed for audience audiences. We perform epic grand illusions we have custom designed ourselves! You won’t find this anywhere else. The show features large illusions, it’s hilarious and the audience will even be brought onto the stage to help with the routines! We have performed at thousands of private events all across the country. Not only will we break the ice for your guests, we’ll have everyone smiling and having fun in no time!

Teamwork Events!

For all the big corporate events looking to strengthen their team, we have developed a number of team building exercises based around illusions and performing the art of magic. Your team will have the opportunity to learn the magic and illusions we bring to your event. They will witness Las Vegas style illusions mixed with laugh out loud comedy. The activities will encourage your team to work together in a fun and magical environment. We can also customise the team building exercises to suit your objectives and incorporate any specific messages. This is a great way to run your team building event.

The Number One Close Up Magicians In The UK!

No matter the subject of your event, we will have the perfect performer for your event. Our incredible close up magicians are ready to kick this year off on a high note. To begin this incredible journey, all you need to do is call us on 0333 301 3001 or send us an enquiry form using the banner below. Thank you for taking the time to check out today’s blog. Have a great year and we look forward to speaking with you soon.


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