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Five Reasons To Book A Magician For Your Wedding Day | Magicians For Weddings 2023

We’ve spoken to thousands of wedding couples over the years. One thing we’ve learned is the happy couple prioritise on getting their perfect venue booked, making sure their ideal photographer is available and let’s not forget the jaw dropping wedding dress as well! As a result, the wedding entertainment can get left until the last minute, but it goes without saying the entertainment is what everyone remembers the most!

Five Reasons To Book A Magician For Your Wedding Day | Magicians For Weddings 2023

Most Brides and Grooms look back at their amazing day and wish they focused more time on securing the best entertainment possible. Having a magician attend your special day adds an extra touch of amazement and makes your wedding memorable for all the right reasons. An experienced close up magician will mix and mingle with your guests, astounding and entertaining them with out of this world magic. Your guests will leave with unforgettable memories from a perfect wedding day atmosphere! Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at how a wedding magician can make your special day memorable and unique.

A Rare Experience!

Having a wedding band is great, but they are not really interactive. The great advantage with having a magician is it is the ultimate interactive experience. Everyone is included within the experience. There’s a good chance your guests will never have seen a magician in action before, let alone close up! By having a magician for weddings, you are truly giving your family and friends a special experience they will remember forever!

Helps Break The Ice!

There’s always a good chance neither of your guests are familiar with one another. But having a magician there helps create an excellent talking point. Because everyone is partaking in a shared experience, they will have a common subject to bond over. A magician doesn’t just stand on the stage for the whole time. They get up close with everyone and make sure it is a bonding experience for everyone as they experience that sense of wonder collectively. We will make sure there are no awkward splits between day and evening guests. A wedding magician will give you that peace of mind and you can stop worrying about making sure your guests are having a great time.

Turning Lull Moments Into Memories!

Let’s be honest - there’s bound to be times when the guests are standing around waiting for the next part of the day to begin. There’s a lot of downtime that can lead to people being bored for a long while. That’s the perfect time for your wedding magician to wander around from group-to-group and entertain your guests with out of this world miracles! Our magicians specialise in close up magic, mind reading, mentalism, coin bending and so much more! This turns the lull moments into wonderful memories everyone can look back on!

Perfect Photo Opportunities!

On the subject of memories, they say an image speaks a thousand words! One of the biggest advantages with having a magician is this will create some great photograph opportunities. Imagine the look of surprise on everyone’s faces! Jaws dropped and animated faces show everyone having a fantastic entertainment experience!

Everlasting Memories!

You want your wedding day to be remembered for all the right reasons. A professional magician will create lasting impressions with amazing memories of that wow factor. We will keep everyone entertained from beginning to end, get everyone chatting and make sure the magic lives on beyond your wedding day. If your wedding is outdoors and everyone has to move inside for unexpected weather, we can continue creating fantastic memories once we’re safely indoors! Everyone’s a winner!

Amazing Wedding Entertainment!

There you have it. If you are planning your wedding and want to secure the best entertainment possible, we’re here to help! We have provided thousands of magicians for weddings and love putting on a great spectacle for everyone. All you need to do is simply get in touch with our central office, secure your magician and from there you can relax knowing your guests will be amazed and entertained. Send us a message via the banner below for a no obligation consultation. Or call us directly on 0333 301 3002. We look forward to speaking with you soon!


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