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The Power Of Experience & Expertise: Slightly Unusual's Magical Journey To Excellence

The allure of magic lies not only in the tricks but in the mastery, precision, and the artistry of performance. Our journey to excellence is a testament to the power of experience and expertise in crafting unforgettable moments.

A Magical Journey Of Over A Decade

With over a decade of enchanting performances under our belt, we've become experts in the art of corporate entertainment. Our journey has taken us to thousands of events, from intimate gatherings to grand corporate galas. This extensive experience has honed our skills and allowed us to navigate a diverse array of audiences and venues.

The Perfection Of Skill

Magic is more than just a series of tricks; it's an art that demands perfection. Our magicians have dedicated years to perfecting their skills, mastering the sleights, and learning the nuances of audience engagement. This commitment to skill ensures that every performance is a flawless display of magic.

Adapting To Every Audience

One of the most valuable lessons experience has taught us is adaptability. Each audience is unique, and our extensive experience has equipped us with the ability to read the room and adjust our performance to suit the mood and preferences of the guests. It's this adaptability that allows us to create moments of pure wonder.

The Power Of A Tailored Performance

Experience has taught us the importance of personalisation. We understand that no two events are the same. Our commitment to excellence means working closely with our clients to customise our acts to match the theme, tone, and goals of their event. This personalisation ensures that our magic resonates deeply with your audience.

Masters Of Engagement

At the heart of our expertise lies the mastery of engagement. Our magicians are not just entertainers; they are experts in connecting with the audience on a personal level. They create moments of astonishment and camaraderie, making each guest an active participant in the magic. This level of engagement ensures that our performances leave a profound and lasting impact.


The power of experience and expertise is the true magic behind Slightly Unusual's commitment to excellence. Our journey of over a decade has not only honed our skills but has also taught us the value of adaptability, personalisation, and engagement. When you choose us for your corporate event, you're choosing a team that has walked the path of experience and expertise, and we're ready to share the enchantment with you and your guests. Our performances are not just acts; they're opportunities to craft moments of pure wonder and joy that you and your audience will cherish for years to come.


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