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What Britain’s Got Talent 2019 means for people booking magicians

Did you see the final of Britain’s Got Talent 2019? There were 11 acts and 5 of them were magic acts. Literally every other act in the final was a magician. The awesome thing is that

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every act performed a different type of magic. There were escapes, close up magic, mind reading, stage magic and the amazing X (Marc Spellman) who in our opinion was there stand out act of the night.

Magic has never been so well represented on BGT before and it shows that magic as an art form is alive and well in the UK and we couldn’t be happier. Every magician that performed in the final did an amazing job and it was truly wonderful seeing 4MG (the future of magic) light the audience up.

Having seen how the final of BGT played out there are several things that you need to be aware of if you are planning on booking a magician for your event or wedding. Below we have listed what you need to know when hiring a magician for your next event.


1. Magic is SUPER POPULAR right now. There were more magic acts audition than ever before. There were five magic acts in the final and many other magic acts who made the final three in the semi finals. In the past we have had people question whether they need a magician at their event. Right now magic is in! All the cool kids are booking magicians so you should to! CLICK HERE to read more about why you should book a magician for your event.

2. Book early to avoid disappointment. This is really an extension of point one. Since the final of BGT aired we have notified a massively increase in enquires and bookings. More people are enquiring about having a magician than ever before. Don’t risk missing out, make sure you let us know about your availability ASAP. to enquire right now CLICK HERE and fill in the form. We will get back to you within the hour with a quote and consultation

3. Stage magic works just as well at an event as close up magic. In the past we have had some clients reluctant to book a stage show. It’s normally because they have seen a close up magician and don’t want to risk booking something different. If there is one thing the BGT Final has shown us its that magic works great in a stage setting. In fact in many cases having a stage show really gives the WOW Factor as is a better option than close up magic. To read more about why stage magic is better than close up magic CLICK HERE

4. People love surprises! Did you see the magician ‘X’. When we revealed in the final that he was the super talented Marc Spellman the entire audience was shocked. Nobody (including the judges) could believe it. One of the reasons X came second is because of the shock of

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this reveal. When you are planning your own event consider adding the element of surprise. If you do book a magician make it a surprise that nobody will see coming. We performed on stage at a wedding last week and nobody knew we were there. Is was a fantastic show and the element of surprise really added.

5. Magic is not just card tricks (despite what people think). If you think about the type of magic performed on the show it was very eclectic. There was mentalism, escapology, people moving thinks with their minds. In fact We don’t even remember a card trick happening. Now don’t get us wrong cards tricks are great. However too many card tricks can be boring. We have had clients contact us genuinely concerned we are just going to do card magic. Luckily we specialise in lots of different types of magic because we feel that’s what our audience wants to see. The final of BGT shows that they feel the same way as well. If you want to read more about how card tricks are boring CLICK HERE.

6. Magic really is the most interactive form of entertainment that there is. Think about every other act you saw in the final. In fact think of every other act you saw in the whole competition. There weren’t any other acts that provided an experience as interactive as the magic acts. Yes there were some great singers, comedians, dancers and many other types of acts. However every time a magic act appeared the audience were truly involved. It became an immersive experience that everyone was involved in. That’s why so many clients book us for their event - they want an interactive experience that people will remember forever. Honestly we think it’s why magic did so well in the competition. It’s very difficult for other acts to be as interactive as a magician.

7. The most important thing we learnt from watching BGT is the importance of entertainment. Why do you think Britain’s Got Talent is one of the highest rated programmes on TV? Why has it run for so many years? Why has it spawned so many other talent competitions? The reason is because people want to be entertained. This is really important and you should remember this when planning an event. People don’t remember the colour of the chair covers or whether there are fizzy cola bottles on the sweet stand. They remember the memories and experiences that are created throughout the day and into the evening. The entertainment is a big part to play with this. We speak to some people and they say they aren’t sure if they are going to have entertainment for their event. If there is one thing that we should learn from BGT it’s that entertainment is important. CLICK HERE to read more about the importance of entertainment at your event.


So there you have it! Whether you have watched BGT or not the points in this blog are really important to consider. If you would like to speak to us about your wedding or event just click the banner below!

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