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Top 10 Reasons To Have Close Up Magic At Your Wedding

Your wedding is is the most important day of your life. You plan it down to every last little detail, starting from the colour of the flowers all the way to finding the perfect location of your party. These aspects play a big part of finalising your big day, but one big thing you need to remember is make sure you secure a fantastic wedding magician who will provide a great experience.

Top 10 Reasons To Have Close Up Magic At Your Wedding

A close up magic offers excitement, humour and other entertainment aspects that really engage all of your guests. They will help make your special day stress free by providing entertainment for all of your guests, making sure no one is ever left out of the experience. This is why we wanted to take the time to break down our top ten reasons why you should have close up magic at your wedding.

Help Guests Get To Know Each Other

It goes without saying that there will always be a table with miss-matched guests. Not many of your guests will be familiar with one another. That's where the magic comes in. Magic is an excellent ice breaker and removes any awkwardness between your guests. The magician performs impossible feats that will leave your guests mind-bobbled and entertainment. Naturally, this brings your guests together as they talk about what they just witnessed. This even opens up opportunities for potential friendships.

Passes The Time

When it's time for the wedding photographer to do their thing, many of your guests are unlikely to be involved and will be standing around not knowing what to do with themselves. This is the perfect opportunity for our magician to come along and entertain everyone with some never seen before close up magic, passing the time along the way.

Get Everyone In An Excited Mood

Before the highly anticipated wedding meal begins, there is often a period where guests are getting drinks and waiting around in small groups. This is a great time for some close up magic to really get the guests in a excited mood. That's exactly what you want for your guests.

A Fresh & Exciting Experience

Let's be honest, how many weddings have you attended the band play the same old cliché wedding song. This often leaves you with a sense of déjà vu. The great thing with close up magic is it offers fresh & exciting entertainment that many of your guests will never have seen before. Imagine one of your guests in one year's time turning to their friend and saying, "Remember how amazing that close up magician was at the wedding?" That's the sort of lasting impression the magicians at Slightly Unusual have on your guests.

Adapting To The Situation

The big advantage with close up magicians is they can adapt to any situation. We live in the UK where rain is always a possibility, even during summer days. If you are having an outdoor wedding and the dreaded rain unexpectedly, our magicians will make the best of the unfortunate circumstances and keep entertaining despite the weather. The show must go on!

Tailored For Everyone

Magic isn't just limited to adults. An experienced magician has the ability to captivate as many people as possible by tailoring their act to every age, gender and star sign possible. If you're a big fan of coin tricks, that's something we can do for your. If you have a Grandfather who is a big fan of card tricks, that's something we can do as well. Likewise, we can personalise our magic to suit the younger generation as well. Nobody wants a bored, screaming child at your wedding. A close up magician will put that concern at the back of your mind.

It's More Than Magic

Being a close up magician isn't just about providing magic tricks. We're entertainers as well as magicians. That's the great part about magic. You get to be blown away while having a great laugh at the same time. Even if you have guests that aren't into magic at all, the entertainment aspect will leave you in tears.

No One Is Offended

This bring us to our next point. Comedians often have a reputation for accidentally saying something offensive as part of their act. Some people may take offensive to this. The big advantage with a magician is nobody can get offended by their comedy & magic style. Has anyone ever been offended by the phrase, "Is this your card?"

You Don't Need Any Additional Accessories

Another amazing perk of having a close up magician is you will never have to go through the stress of not being able to fit in the entertainment. Close up magicians don't need a stage, bright lights or any other items that will take up a large amount of space in your limited wedding reception area. Our magicians can work in any sized rooms. All they need is your guests and simple magic tricks they can carry around at all times.

You Save Money

Lastly, the final great reason to have a close up magician perform at your wedding is because of how much money you will save. Wedding entertainment is extremely expensive, espeically a wedding band. However, a close up magician offers very reasonable prices to fit your wedding day needs with just as much quality (if no more!)

We're Here To Help

Thank you for taking the time to read today's blog. Now is the best time to secure one of our incredible close up magicians for your event. All you need to do is use the banner below to contact our central office. Our team will be more than happy to talk you through the process. Use the banner below to visit our website or call us on 0333 301 3001.

We look forward to hearing your call very soon.


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