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The Best Time To have For Your Wedding Magician To Perform | Magicians For Weddings 2021

If you are reading this blog, there is a good chance your wedding is on the horizon very soon. First of all, congratulations are in order. You may have decided to book a close up magician to perform at your wedding. A great voice. It's one of the best decisions you can ever make. It guarantees your wedding is talked about for all the right reasons afterwards. Everyone will enjoy the entertainment while also being introduced to each other as well (most of your guests probably won't already be familiar with one another.)

The Best Time To have For Your Wedding Magician To Perform | Magicians For Weddings 2021

Now you might be wondering when exactly is the best time for your close up magician to start performing? Close up magic serves purpose beyond just entertaining your guests. The time you book the magician depends on the reason you wanted magicians for weddings to begin with. Today we're going to break down the four best times during your wedding when close up magic will work really well.

During The Photos/Champagne Reception

When the photographs are being taken straight after the ceremony, only immediate family are usually involved. Everyone else is standing around for a while, trying to kill time. A lot of our clients book us to perform during the photos and the champagne reception before everyone goes into the wedding breakfast. Our magicians will mix and mingle around with the guests while they wait, keeping everyone entertained and engaged while they're waiting around. Time passes before they even realise it.

During The Wedding Breakfast

As we mentioned beforehand, most guests will not know each other and realistically there is nothing you can do about this. But you don't have to worry because your magician will take care of everything. Table magic is the perfect opportunity to get everyone to know each other. The magician moves from table to table performing a mini cabaret. Not only does this act as a conversation starter between your guests, it also creates anticipation throughout the room. You will hear laughter and applause from across the room. It creates a great atmosphere just before the speeches take place.

During The Lull

Traditionally the lull is a very boring time with nothing much happening. Once the speeches are finished and the evening guests start arriving, most people sit around with nothing much to do. If you're staying at a venue, some of them may even go back to their room early. We perform close up magic during this time to keep the energy levels up before the evening guests arrive. It's a great time to have your magician perform. Check out the video below to see Craig Petty performing at a wedding.

During The Evening Reception

While not as popular as the others, this is still something our magicians get booked for. It's still something we're more than happy to do but the problem is you need to get the timings correct. Allow us to elaborate. If you had your wedding singer or a band currently playing, there is no point in your wedding magician performing because everyone's attention is going to be elsewhere. As a result you need to have the magician perform at the beginning of the night or slotted in-between other entertainment.

If neither of these options are available, you can always have your magician perform in a second room away from where the main entertainment is taking place. We understand a lot of people don't like trying to talk over loud music. By having us positioned within a separate room, magicians can entertain the guests that leave. Everyone's a winner.

Incredible Magicians For Weddings

There are various options for when you want your wedding magician to start performing. It's your wedding and your choice. More than likely you will already have an idea in your head as to which time would be best. Our central office team is more than happy to speak with you about the process and answer any queries. All you need to do is use the banner below to visit our website and send us a message. Or you can call us directly on 0333 301 3001. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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