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Why YOU MUST HAVE a stage magician if you want your event to have the WOW Factor!

Lets be honest every event planner wants their event to be successful. There is not a single person in the world that thinks "I really want this event to be a disaster". It just doesn't happen - EVER!

Part of the success of an event is how unique it is. Thousands of events are taking place every day - how do you make your event stand out?

Every event has a Disco

Every event books a band or a singer (they probably sing the same songs)

Most events will have walk around acts (magicians, lookalikes, fire performers)

These days you can go to six or seven events and a couple of weeks later struggle to remember which one was which


If you really want your event to be remembered for all the right reasons you need to do something unique and different. Something that both brings the WOW Factor and creates memories.

Some event planners think that the theme of the event will make the event stand out. I have been to thousands of events and seen every theme used a million times. There are no unique themes left.


I am sure we all agree that generally the entertainment is what makes the event stand out. People aren't going to remember how flashy the lights were when they walk into the venue. They aren't going to remember how fancy the food was when they ate.

What they are going to remember are the memories and experiences that are created throughout the day and into the evening and the entertainment is a big part to play with that. The more unique the entertainment the better.

So what entertainment is unique and different that will create memories and bring the WOW factor? I'm sure it will come of little surprise (as I am a magician) when I suggest


However i'm not talking about close up magic, table magic or mix and mingle magic. Don't get me wrong I love close up magic and enjoy performing it. However close up magic has become as stand at events these days as the disco. It's almost expected that you should have a close up magician. Plus for a large event with hundreds of guests unless you book a dozen close up magicians it's not going to have a big impact.


Performed correctly having a magician appear on stage will stop any event. All eyes will be on the stage and the performance will be remembered for years to come. Having a stage show can be funny and interactive but at the same time epic.

Imagine a VIP being sawn in half. Imagine a keynote speaker appearing on stage in front of everyone. Imagine a member of the audience floating up the ceiling. All this and more is possible.

Here is a video of us performing part of our stage show in London. This was the routine we used to become Grand Finalists at Britain Does Variety.

Obviously if space is an issue there are other options. Here is another routine from a smaller show that just used two audience members and a pack of cards.

The point is if you want your event to be a success you need to make sure that you take a serious look at your entertainment. If you would like to know how I can help make your event a success make sure you reach out to be either via Linkedin or my

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