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What to plan for your wedding to make it fantastic

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and so you need to make sure it is planned in advance so you miss nothing out to make it an extraordinary day for everyone.

Start with the basics

Start with the basics of planning your wedding like the rough area for the venue, prices and times/date. This will give you the foundation on which to build your wedding day up and include the extras that add the extra sparkle; if you don’t give a date then you can’t book anything.

Book the Entertainment

Entertainment is key for any wedding; it provides the memorable times of the wedding. People don’t remember the covers or the lighting; they remember the entertainment!

What better entertainment could you get other than magic?

Magic is timeless and always impresses all age ranges if you book the right magician. Slightly Unusual provides the nation's top magicians and our magic never fails to blow away our audiences. There is also a wide variety of magic tricks we perform that always capture our customer’s attention.

Don’t forget the food

Food is another important aspect when it comes to planning your wedding, you don’t need to go overboard but it is advisable to have a good standard of food to serve to your guests otherwise your wedding will be memorable for bad food!

When booking the venue, choose somewhere you love

Choosing the right venue is so important as it’s where the whole event is set and can impact everything. You need enough room and light to set the atmosphere and allow your guests plenty of room.

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