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Why you should hire a professional magician instead of an amateur

One of the best and most exciting types of entertainment you could ever imagine is magic! Who wouldn’t want a tremendous display of magical illusions?

Unfortunately it can be hard to distinguish between which magicians are genuine and which ones are not. There’s nothing worse than counting down the days before your big show and ending up with a disappointing display - it’s more than just annoying.

There are more reasons why hiring a professional is important than you may first think. let us explain why you really should hire an expert.

A special occasion requires no less than marvellous entertainment

If you are hiring a magician for special events such as:


Birthday Parties,


Or corporate events, then you certainly do not want to be dumped with an amateur magician who may not be experienced in tailoring magic tricks to suit the event. All guests want to be blown away with excellent entertainment when arriving at an important event; well, it would be surprising if they didn’t wouldn’t it?

Many amateur magicians have practised magic to a good level but they have no experience with performing at real events as they have not yet established themselves to a professional level just yet. Hiring an amateur runs the risk of expected high class magic simply being a fluster of random magic that has a high possibility of going wrong.

If you are hosting a special event ( such as a corporate event ) then you want to engrave a positive first impression upon your guests

The entertainment you seek for such an important event can either generate an all-together incredible event or destroy an otherwise, great event.

The impression you develop with your guests will affect your reputation for hosting future events, which in turn, can ultimately either way, damage your popularity as a host

or bring you into the light.

Entertainment is one of the key factors that your event as a whole, will be judged on. If you have ever seen ‘come dine with me’ on television then you will understand perfectly what is meant by that. The first and main important influence most hosts think is important is the food; in most cases, this is only one of the components of what makes a tremendous event. Obviously though, do make sure you prepare great food; most importantly mind, if you haven’t watched come dine with me then you really should!

Some magicians aren’t even aware of what tricks they should perform for certain events, leading to them being poorly prepared

Many magicians who are just starting out, don’t know all the tricks in the books to pulling off a great event, regrettably leaving you with unimpressive ones. Slightly unusual, however, know and perform tricks that you wouldn’t think are even possible. We also perform self-taught magic tricks which are unique and performed only by our number one expert magicians.

Expert magicians will never let you down regarding being on time, performing excellent magic whilst emitting a friendly and outgoing attitude to all.

Magician’s positive effects upon guests and the host him/herself are aided by being punctual. Booking with a leading, expert team of magicians such as Slightly Unusual, guarantees you excellent quality of service. This is because experienced magicians are already knowledgeable of how much time they need to arrive beforehand in order to set up and prepare for the show, how to connect with the audience on a good level and also aware of how to deal with any problems if they should arise.

Again, hiring an amateur could prove to be a more stressful experience than necessary.

To sum it all up

On the whole, you are much better off securing a professional rather than an inexperienced magician. Slightly unusual can guarantee you experienced, knowledgeable and professional magicians that can rise to any challenge. You will never be left disappointed with us.

So altogether hire a professional magician to ensure you have the event of a lifetime!

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