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The Do's & Don'ts Of Team Building

As well as being a magician and an illusionist I also offer a package to my clients called 'Become An Illusionist Team Building Sessions'. The concept is simple - delegates are divided into teams and each team is assigned a different Grand Illusion. As a team they have to learn every aspect of the illusion. They have to plan the presentation of the illusion and assign roles within the team. They have to work out the staging, lighting and music. Finally each team performs and one team is crowned Champion Of Illusion.

The sessions can run a half day or a full day and I am very proud to say that our clients constantly come back to us and say it was the best team building experience they have ever had. As well as being fun and putting the delegates outside their comfort zone it is also totally different and unlike anything they would have seen before.

In case you haven't seen our team building packages before here is a video so you can see us in action

two women and one man at a team building group enjoying & doing balloon modelling

Whether you book us or someone else for your companies team building day there are certain do's and don't of putting on team building events. Team building sessions can increase your employees performance, encourage co operation, improve moral and help your staff to focus on your companies goals and objectives. However to make sure your team building is effective you want to follow these handy tips.

DON’T host an event that is too physically demanding for any of your team members.

Your employees probably don’t need to have great strength or endurance in order to be a successful member of the team, therefore its not a great idea for fitness and physical endurance to play a major role in your Team Building Sessions. Make sure that the tasks / challenges you set your employees are not so demanding that anyone would have to be excluded.

DO follow-up on lessons learned.

Even the most fantastic Team building session of all time doesn’t guarantee long term results. Its vital to monitor your teams progress and have regular follow up sessions emphasising the points that were addressed.

Unfortunately, team building exercises are often seen as a one off event and after a few weeks everyone reverts back to exactly how they were before. They should be seen as a kickstart, but just the beginning, not the end.

DON’T create events that are way too difficult or much too easy as either can detract from the main messages of the events.

In an effort to ensure that employees have fun while completing team building exercises, some organisers make them too light it can quickly turn boring. Conversely some create events that are unduly draining, emotionally or otherwise.

lady in pink dress at a magician team building event done by slightly unusual illusionists

Try to create an event that is fun and light hearted but challenging at the same time as either of these extremes will detract from the main messages of the events.

DO consider hiring professionals (like us) to organise and administer your exercises.

Depending on your cost and time constraints, and the complexity of the exercises you’d like to carry out, outsourcing the process may be a wise choice for you. Professional consultants can help you identify what messages you’d like to push through your sessions and host an event that you and your team will never forget.

CLICK HERE to see how to run a successful team building event!

Don’t forget if you want to speak to us we would love to give you a no obligation consultation for your team building day. We can advise you on the best plan of action for your wedding. CLICK HERE and fill in the form. We will get back to you ASAP.

a slightly unusual CTA form in blue & red with deck of playing cards

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