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The Strangest Wedding’s We Have Ever Been Asked To Perform At…

Slightly Unusual are one of the finest Comedy Illusion Acts and close up Magician’s in the world. We perform all over the UK doing various events which include, Corporate Events, TV Appearances and weddings. Slightly Unusual perform at thousands of weddings and always completely wow the guests.

However, not every wedding that we perform at are your traditional wedding’s, we do get some very strange requests…

1 - Star Wars Wedding

We got a couple who were completely in love with Star Wars, so much that they wanted their whole wedding based on it. They wanted us to perform our amazing close up magic but also our big stage show. Due to their love of Star Wars they wanted us to include a light saver as a prop in our grand illusion to make sure that Star Wars was everywhere on their big day!

a star wars themed wedding with star troopers and lightsabers used for a slightly unusual blog

Themed weddings aren’t something that we get sprung on us everyday, but it sure did create a lot of fun! We know Star Wars is very popular, but not that much that you’d have your special day based on it!

2 - Game Of Thrones Wedding

The amount of enquires we get for weddings at Slightly Unusual is unbelievable. So when we get a unique request, it really stands out. A recent one we’ve had is a Game Of Thrones theme. This couple loved Game Of Thrones - it was their favourite TV show, so it was only right that they based their wedding on it… Surely?

a game of thrones themed wedding with bride holding flowers

For those of you that don’t know, Game Of Thrones is a programme that contains storylines involving incest, brutal murders and a lot more. This proved to be quite a different experience for our magicians however they didn’t fail to entertain.

3 - Harry Potter

Harry Potter is one of the most loved book / movie sequels in the UK. Most people will know about Harry Potter and we all know that there are crazy over the top fans out there, we found two…

Recently we had a request for a Harry Potter themed wedding, and although we’re magicians we can’t make ourselves float in the air!

2 people waving harry potter wands to the sky at a convention

There is most likely a bride out their reading this who loves Harry Potter and the good thing is that when you think Harry Potter you think magic and that’s why Slightly Unusual would be perfect. We went the extra mile to include wands and magical sayings from Harry Potter into our routines so it truly felt like there wedding was in the movie. But are you still unsure on wether to have a magician at your event? Then CLICK HERE to read why you need a magician!

4 - Doctor Who

Doctor Who, some of the best Saturday night TV, right? We had a couple request for us to perform at there crazy Doctor Who wedding and it hasn’t just been a one off request. For this party we well and truly went above and beyond. There was a giant Tardis and we had to welcome the bride and groom as the appeared out of it. We adapted our magic to incorporate all things Doctor Who and the couple and guests completely loved it!

a doctor who themed wedding with a dalek and police call box

I can guarantee that this couple weren’t the only ones wanting a Doctor Who themed wedding. Slightly Unusual are the best magicians around and have the ability to completely adapt to what you want for your special day. No matter what the venue, or chosen theme, they will not disappoint!

5 - Disney

Now this one didn’t surprise me as much, Disney is super popular and everyone enjoys it, so why wouldn’t you make your special day all about what you love? Here at Slightly Unusual magic just runs through our veins and this means that we just want to make your day extra special doing what we do best. Disney is very magical itself and it allows us to just create amazing content for your wedding day.

a Disney themed wedding with Micky The Mouse dancing and posing with the bride and groom

I think its fair to say that the Bride got the wedding day she had always dreamed of.

At Slightly Unusual we can cater for whatever magic it is that you want at your special day.

So, If your wedding is coming up and you’re thinking of booking close up magic as your entertainment then why not check out what we offer by CLICKING HERE and if you like what you see then fill in the form and we will get back to you within the hour.

a slightly unusual cta banner in red and blue colour way

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