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How To Spot A Bad Wedding Entertainer

Slightly Unusual perform at hundreds of weddings throughout the year all over the UK. The wedding market is a huge industry so there is such a high demand for wedding entertainment. This being said, not all entertainers are up to the same standard. We often get asked the same question, how do you spot a bad wedding entertainer? The answer is that it can be very difficult, but hopefully this blog will reveal the main things to look out for.

Websites -

Every professional entertainer will have a valid website. In today’s age it

would be crazy for them to not have a website, it would ring alarm bells. A website sells your business, it is a virtual shop and allows people to see what you’re offering. The level that their website is developed to potentially shows the quality of entertainment that they are offering. Their website should show photos, videos, testimonials and information that shows and explains what they do. By checking their website it will really help you decide if the entertainer is competent or not. CLICK HERE to check out our website.

Reviews -

Review stars illustration design with a magnifying glass

Check their reviews!! If the entertainer is as good as they say they are then there will be reviews about them everywhere. A professional entertainer should have testimonials and reviews from previous clients weddings on their website, however you should look in various places. Any entertainer is bound to post and promote their best reviews where potential customers will see them, so sometimes it is good to look in places that aren’t controlled by the entertainer. For example, checking facebook reviews, or similar social medias, google the company / individual entertainer. Doing this will give you a great way to gauge how good their entertainment is and how reliable they are.

Full Time vs Part Time -

When searching your entertainment company / entertainer, try and find out if they’re full time or part time. Most the time, if your entertainer is full time they’re likely to be a lot more reliable and offer a better service. This isn’t always the case, however most the time when they’re part time, things can easily pop up and if they’re self employed they could easily not turn up to your wedding - you really don’t want this!

What do they talk about? -

If you decide that you want a magician as your entertainment, then you should really look out for these things when on the phone or messaging them… You want to avoid the magicians that tend to talk more about the tricks they do. They will try to emphasise the amount of tricks they are going to do and will concentrate on making them sound really interesting. Compared to other magicians who will talk about the impact that it has on their clients. They will directly talk about the experience that you and your guest will have if you book them. This is a lot more reassuring and professional. They are more likely to be experienced and reliable compared to the magicians that try to sell themselves through the tricks that they do. CLICK HERE to read our blog on why you should book a close up magician.

Phone Manner -

an LG smartphone being held

When deciding on what entertainment to book it is a great idea to speak to them on the phone. Phone manner says a lot about entertainers and the way they present themselves will give you a great idea on the kind of entertainment that they will offer. There are hundreds of different kinds of entertainment out there, however within that industry they should all be excited, upbeat and proactive. If they don’t seem enthusiastic about what they’re talking about then they probably won’t offer the level of entertainment you’re looking for at your big day. CLICK HERE to see our blog on wedding entertainment - a honest comparison.

Video Showreel -

The question to ask yourself is does the entertainment company / entertainer have a showreel? Most people in today’s time should have a showreel of some sort to promote the entertainment that they offer. It shows a lot about the business and it shows them in action so you can get a good feel for it and see if it is the kind of entertainment that you want. Check out our Close Up Showreel below!!

Your wedding day is meant to be the best day of your life, the last thing that you want is for it to be ruined by bad entertainment. One thing we can guarantee here at Slightly Unusual is that we will provide the best magic for your wedding. We can style the magic if you have certain preferences just to try and make your big day the day you’ve always dreamed of. Before you decide on any entertainment, CLICK HERE to see the dangers of hiring a cheap wedding entertainer.

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