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Adapting Magic For All Ages

The appeal of magic knows no bounds, and our versatile performers are skilled at adapting their acts to suit diverse audiences. Whether we are performing at a family-friendly event, a corporate gathering, or a gala celebration, our goal is to create magical moments that leave a lasting impression on everyone present. At Slightly Unusual, we understand that each age group has unique preferences and expectations, and we take pride in crafting performances that cater to all, ensuring an unforgettable and enchanting experience for all ages.

Interactive Magic For Children

Children are natural believers in the magic of the world, making them one of the most receptive audiences for enchanting performances. Slightly Unusual's interactive magic acts for children are filled with humour, wonder, and audience participation, captivating young minds and creating moments of shared joy. Our performers engage with children, making them an integral part of the magic, and fostering a sense of awe and excitement that stays with them long after the performance.

Delighting Audiences Of All Ages

At family-friendly events, Slightly Unusual creates performances that delight audiences of all ages. Our family magic acts strike a perfect balance between captivating children and entertaining adults. With acts that incorporate humour, visual spectacle, and heartwarming moments, we ensure that every member of the family experiences the enchantment together, fostering shared memories that strengthen family bonds.

Awe-Inspiring Performances For Adults

For adult audiences, Slightly Unusual offers sophisticated and awe-inspiring performances that appeal to their sense of wonder and intrigue. From mind-bending illusions to thought-provoking acts, our magic captures the imagination of adult viewers, taking them on a journey of amazement and astonishment. Our talented magicians weave storytelling into their acts, adding depth and meaning to the performances, ensuring that adults are equally captivated by the magic.

The Magic Of Universality

Slightly Unusual's magic acts have a universal appeal that bridges generational divides. By incorporating elements that resonate with both young and old, we create a shared experience that unites audiences across age groups. The magic becomes a conversation starter, sparking discussions and memories that families and friends cherish for years to come.

Adapting To Event Needs

At Slightly Unusual, we understand that every event is unique, and the age range of the audience can vary. Our performers can customise their shows to suit the specific needs and preferences of the event, ensuring that the magic aligns perfectly with the audience's age group and the overall atmosphere of the occasion.


Age is no barrier to enchantment at Slightly Unusual. Through interactive magic for children, family-friendly acts, sophisticated illusions for adults, and the magic of universality that bridges generational divides, we ensure that every audience, regardless of age, experiences wonder and amazement. Our performers adapt their acts to resonate with diverse audiences, creating shared memories and captivating moments that leave a lasting impression. Choose Slightly Unusual to experience ageless enchantment and witness the magic that brings joy and wonder to audiences of all ages. Unlock the power of adaptability and embrace the enchantment that knows no bounds, with Slightly Unusual, the master of ageless magic.


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