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Can different magicians make such a difference?

In short yes! Different magicians have so many different styles and characteristics that they all adapt to different situations in their own way. There are so many unique personalities out there that you can always find someone that can work for the event you are hosting and here’s why:

magician performs a close-up magic card trick for women at a wedding party

Different people have different ideas about what is good or bad entertainment

Some magicians will offer illusions because they think that they are good entertainment, others think they are not suitable and so they may offer other magic tricks, and perform close up magic or a cabaret show. If you have a wedding, the entertainment will match up to try to comply with the theme. Perhaps including a romantic card trick for the bride and groom. If you have a christening then you may want to alter the entertainment slightly to be more tailored to the children or mix it up and have walkaround magic that both children and adults would enjoy.

Magicians have different styles

Magicians will have different styles in the way they present themselves and how they perform the tricks. Some love comedy and light humour and some like dark humour and more adult orientated performances. Illusionists may be traditional, performing grand illusions to music, whereas others inject some comedy (like us). It really does depend on which magician you hire, you see where i’m coming from?

Most prefer to develop their own unique identity

By this I mean they will try to include a little character trait, a logo, a slogan, their own individual colour combo and their own sense of dress to the way they form their marketing etc. It all comes together to create a unique image.

Some will only perform at certain events

Some magicians will only perform at certain events such as children’s parties, weddings, christenings or other specific events. They will advertise this in their marketing and so you can choose what type of magician you’ll need.

They will interact with the audience differently

Magicians have their own way of interacting with the audience and they may have their own quirky side which makes them appealing to the audience so they could be very polite, outgoing, cheeky etc.

You will want to search for an entertainer who has a style that is appealing to you and perhaps someone that is experienced and confident enough to interact effectively with their audience. Choose who suits you!


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