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Captivating Love Stories: Why Brides And Grooms Choose Slightly Unusual Magicians For Their Big Day

Slightly Unusual Magicians understand that weddings are a deeply personal affair. Our magicians create an intimate, customised magical journey for the couple, weaving their unique love story into every trick and illusion. Imagine exchanging vows while a ring magically appears or having your first dance accompanied by a spellbinding display of magical artistry. Our magicians ensure that your love story takes centre stage, leaving you and your guests enchanted and emotionally connected to the magic of the moment.

Making Memories That Last a Lifetime

Weddings are joyous celebrations, and what better way to enhance the festivities than with the magic of Slightly Unusual? Our magicians bring an unparalleled level of entertainment that appeals to guests of all ages. From the youngest flower girl to the most seasoned wedding guest, everyone is captivated by the magic, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and excitement. Slightly Unusual magicians transform your wedding into an unforgettable experience, with each magical moment becoming a cherished memory.

Interactive Magic for All Ages

Slightly Unusual Magicians are not just performers; they are interactive entertainers who engage with your guests on a personal level. Our close-up magicians circulate through the crowd, dazzling guests with astonishing tricks that happen right before their eyes. This interactive element adds a layer of excitement to the wedding, creating an atmosphere where guests feel like active participants in the magical celebration. It's not just a performance; it's an experience that brings people together through shared amazement.

Elevating the Evening Reception

As the sun sets and the evening reception begins, Slightly Unusual Magicians take the stage, offering a grand illusion show that elevates the entire atmosphere. The newlyweds become the stars of the show, participating in illusions that leave guests in awe. Whether it's a disappearing act or a magical transformation, our magicians ensure that the evening reception becomes a highlight of the wedding, creating memories that resonate long after the last dance.


For brides and grooms seeking to infuse their wedding day with magic, Slightly Unusual Magicians offer an unparalleled experience. From personalised moments that celebrate your love story to interactive entertainment that engages guests of all ages, our magicians are the perfect addition to your wedding celebration. Make your special day even more magical – choose Slightly Unusual Magicians and let the enchantment unfold. To bring the magic to your wedding, reach out to us via the enquiry form below or give us a call at 0333 301 3001. Let the magic of love and enchantment come together on your wedding day with Slightly Unusual Magicians.


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