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Desirable Traits Of A Close Up Magician | Hiring A Magician 2022

As your corporate party approaches and you're looking into hiring a magician to entertain your guests, it's important that you know what to look for in a magician. Your close up magician won't just be entertaining your guests, but will reflect your company as a whole to any potential new clients. That's why first impressions are crucial to a business' success.

Desirable Traits Of A Close Up Magician | Hiring A Magician 2022

As one of the biggest magician companies in the country, Slightly Unusual knows what qualities a magician should bring to your event. You want someone who will leave a huge impression that will never be forgotten for years to come. Today we're going to break down the desirable traits in a magician you should look for when securing their services.


The last thing you want to find is a magician who doesn't feel up for the role. Confidence is the key to any successful job. A magician who shines with confidence will not get deterred by anything and will go above & beyond to make your event stand out from the rest. Part of being a magician is performing to a large crowd and having the confidence to showcase  their talent to your guests. It also benefits the rest of your guests as they will feel more relaxed around someone who isn't nervous performing for them.


Every magician should stand out and introduce a unique seat of feats that no one has ever witnessed before. The best magicians exceed all the expectations of your audience and leave them with an experience that will never be forgotten. All of their tricks are unlike anything that's been seen before. Your guests won't walk away afterwards thinking, "Wow, he's just like Dynamo!" They will be thinking about your magician specifically and remembering the unique act they brought to the table.

Personalise Their Act

The beauty of a close up magician is they don't just stand on a stage and perform for the general audience. They get up close and make the experience much more personal for all of your guests. They will greet everyone, address them by name and make them part of the show. This way everyone gets to walk away afterwards and reflect on the personal experience they got to enjoy during your event. A magician who can personalise their act for everyone really does give everyone something to reflect on afterwards.

Ability To Bounce Back

A magician can rehearse every trick in their arsenal a thousand times, but that doesn't mean everything will always go according to plan. The most important thing they can do is know how to bounce back from an unexpected outcome and turn what would be a tiny crisis into an opportunity to further impress your audience with their amazing magic tricks.

The Best Of The Best

Keep these traits in mind and you will hire the best of the best. Hiring a magician is the best choice you can make for your corporate event. They will impress your guests as well as potential clients and reflect your company in a positive image. That's where Slightly Unusual comes into play. Our magicians are nothing short of exceptional. We provide the best corporate entertainment in the country and are often described as 'The Speciality Act Of The Decade.'

We're more than happy to talk you through any of our packages and provide you with a no obligation consultation & quote. You can send in an enquiry form on our website or call us directly on 0333 301 3001. Thank you for checking out today's post and we look forward to speaking with you very soon.


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