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Corporate Entertainment Benefits | Slightly Unusual Close Up Magicians 2021

We're approaching the end of the year at the time of this blog. With social restrictions no longer enforced within the UK and Wales, Slightly Unusual sees 2022 as our busiest year yet. There's going to be more bookings than ever. Clients who could not secure our services during the pandemic will be eager to secure their corporate entertainment with us as soon as possible.

Corporate Entertainment Benefits | Slightly Unusual Close Up Magicians 2021

Entertainment at your event is virtual for a company to continue striving to greater odds as well as an excellent method of increasing business efficiency. Not only will this give you the opportunity to improve employee morale, there is also the possibility of connecting with potential business partners as well. Today we will break down the benefits of having corporate entertainment at your event.

Improve Company Culture

Ask yourself what makes your company a special place to work in? Businesses aren't fully dependent on the merchandise you sell or the service you offer. It's dependent on the business culture that you have created. Corporate events are a perfect opportunity to cultivate a great atmosphere. No one wants to work within a business where there is no culture. Having entertainment will show that everyone has been recognised and rewarded with valuable contributions.

Maximise Working Performances

Employees aren't working machines. Everyone needs a refreshment every now and again. No matter how much determination everyone has to go about their duties, the long office hours and stress from work can become too much. That's why having a close up magician to perform corporate magic can relieve everyone from work and get them refreshed for the next working day. All of your employees will finally be able to relax from their busy work lives and have fun for a change. Providing the employees with some entertainment may increase their work performance.

Increase Bonding

Employees operate within different departments. Regardless of employees' profession, everyone has a different role to play. Because of their busy duties, not everyone has time to socialise or get time to chat during work hours. Your employees could work more effectively when they are familiar with each other on a personal note as well as a business relationship. During the event when your entertainment is performing close up, they will use their skills & charisma to get everyone involved in the experience. This will serve as an ice breaker between your guests, helping anyone who isn't familiar with one another to build a personal connection. Employees who know each other will work together more effectively, distribute ideas and reduce any potential errors as well.

New Business Opportunities

If you're intending to open new business opportunities with potential business clients, hiring entertainment goes a long way into securing a successful relationship. Business clients attend hundreds of events per year. Chances are they haven't seen anything new so far. But if they attend your event and see the effort you have gone through to make sure your guests were well entertained, they will identify your business as something unique. In the long run, this can open up potential business deals within the future.


Thank you for reading today's article. We hope this gave you an insight on why you should secure close up magicians for your corporate event. As you know, Slightly Unusual have provided thousands of close up magicians for corporate entertainment all across the country. We've worked with a lot of well known celebrities as well as famous companies. Check out our services and contact our central office when you are ready to discuss planning. Call us on 0333 301 3002 or use the banner below to send in an enquiry form for a no obligation consultation.


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