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Enhancing Collaboration & Communication With Team Building

Traditional team-building activities are often effective but may lack the element of excitement and engagement. Slightly Unusual offers a fresh and innovative approach to team building, incorporating interactive magic performances that captivate and involve team members. Our magic acts serve as the foundation for team-building exercises that promote trust, communication, and problem-solving in a fun and memorable way.

Breaking Barriers & Improving Communication

Communication is at the core of any successful team. Slightly Unusual's magic acts encourage open communication and collaboration among team members. Through interactive tricks and illusions, our performers create an atmosphere of engagement, encouraging team members to communicate, share ideas, and work together to unlock the secrets behind the magic.

Solving Puzzles Together

Magic acts often involve solving puzzles and unraveling mysteries. At Slightly Unusual, we use this element to foster collaboration and teamwork. Our magicians design illusions that require collective efforts, inspiring team members to pool their skills and knowledge to achieve a shared goal. This not only enhances collaboration but also showcases the power of collective intelligence.

Building Trust Through Shared Experiences

Magic acts often evoke wonder and amazement, and experiencing such moments together helps build trust among team members. As they share in the awe of a magical performance, team members connect on a deeper level, creating bonds that extend beyond the workplace. These shared experiences strengthen relationships and contribute to a positive team dynamic.

Navigating The Unexpected

In the world of magic, unexpected situations may arise during performances. Slightly Unusual's performers are skilled at adapting on the spot, overcoming challenges, and maintaining a seamless act. This adaptability inspires team members to embrace flexibility and effective problem-solving, valuable skills that they can apply in their professional lives when dealing with unexpected challenges.

Boosting Team Morale

An enchanting and memorable team-building experience leaves a lasting impact on team morale. The wonder and excitement generated by Slightly Unusual's magic acts serve as a source of inspiration, motivating team members to approach their tasks with renewed enthusiasm. A happy and engaged team is more likely to be productive and collaborative, contributing to a positive work environment.


Slightly Unusual's magical team-building experiences go beyond entertainment; they create transformative moments that enhance collaboration, communication, and overall team dynamics. Through interactive performances and shared experiences, our magic acts build trust, inspire problem-solving, and foster a positive company culture. Choose Slightly Unusual for your next team-building event, and witness the magic of teamwork and collaboration as your team embarks on a journey of enchantment and growth. Embrace the power of magic and let Slightly Unusual transform your team into a united and motivated force, ready to conquer any challenge that comes their way.


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